In Izumo City, which is known as the number one persimmon producing area in Shimane Prefecture, the harvest of persimmons cultivated in the open field has already begun.

There are 83 persimmon farmers in the Hirata area of ​​Izumo city, and the harvest of varieties of persimmons began in early September at "Okufruit Farm," which cultivates six types of persimmons.

The one that is actively harvested during this period is the "Nishimura Hayao" variety, which is the earliest ripening persimmon cultivated in Shimane Prefecture.

At the orchard, I used scissors to pick the persimmons while checking that the surface of the persimmons was colored yellow.

Mr. Toshiaki Oku of the orchard said, "The persimmons have ripe at once in the cold weather of the past few days. I definitely want various people to eat them."

According to JA Shimane Izumo, the harvest of persimmons in the Hirata area will continue until around December, changing varieties as autumn deepens, and will be shipped mainly to the Sanyo region such as Hiroshima prefecture.