[Global Network Comprehensive Reporter Zhao Youping] Hong Kong Economic Times, Sing Tao.com, Hong Kong Security Bureau Secretary Deng Bingqiang met with reporters after attending the Legislative Council meeting today (15th). He said this morning that he quoted the implementation rules of Article 43 of the Hong Kong National Security Law. In Table 3, a freezing order has been issued to the Apple Daily Printing Company to freeze its plant in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong.

  According to the Hong Kong Economic Times, Deng Bingqiang explained that the reason for issuing the freezing order is to believe that the relevant plant belongs to wealth related to national security crimes. The relevant company has been prosecuted for colluding with foreign forces and violating the Hong Kong National Security Law. The other party should clearly understand it. Why was prosecuted and its reasons.

  According to a report from Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Net", the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Company issued a statement earlier that Apple Daily Printing Co., Ltd. involved "a number of violations" and had issued a "Notice of Violation of Contract Terms" to Apple Daily Printing.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park sued the Hong Kong High Court on the 14th, requesting the court to declare that the Apple Daily Printing Company had violated the lease and ordered the company to empty the property in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate and return it to the Science and Technology Park, and prohibit the company from transferring or distributing the property involved in the case to a third party.