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[editor Jina Yoon] While actor Jo Byung-gyu announced his return to the screen after 7 months of suspicion of school violence, he revealed a changed current situation.

Yesterday (14th), Jo Byung-gyu uploaded several photos on his Instagram without any comment.

In the photo, Jo Byung-gyu showed off his mature beauty with a different long-haired hairstyle and various poses.

Transformed into long hair that reached the neckline, Jo Byeong-gyu created a chic atmosphere with a white shirt and black pants.

In another photo, he wore a pink knitted vest and expressed a sad sensibility with his eyes, conveying a different atmosphere.

On this day, Jo Byung-gyu announced his comeback through the movie 'Even if I die'.

In February, it has been 7 months since Jo Byung-gyu stopped all broadcasts due to allegations of school violence.

Jo Byeong-gyu, who denied the allegations of sexual assault and claimed his innocence, said in July that "the suspect has sent an official apology during the police investigation."

However, the conflict is still ongoing, with the suspect requesting an open verification from Jo Byeong-gyu, saying, "I have never written an apology, nor have I ever asked for mercy."

The movie 'Once Again Even if I Die' tells the story of a stuntman named Woo-seok, who dreams of becoming an actor, has an opportunity to rethink his dream after returning to his high school days due to an accident.

In the drama, Jo Byeong-gyu takes on the role of 'Jeon Woo-seok', the main character who returns to high school in an instant in his 40s.

Attention is focused on whether Cho Byung-gyu, who declared his comeback in a situation where allegations of bullying have not been completely resolved, will be able to take another leap forward over the suspicions.

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