The blue sky spreads out inland, so most of you will find the weather really nice.

However, Jeju Island continues to be indirectly affected by typhoons.

If you look at the location of the typhoon now, it is about 360 km southwest of Jeju-do, and the strength is slightly weaker than before, but it is coming straight up north.

It is predicted that in the morning of the next day (17th), it will pass the southern sea of ​​Jeju and head towards Japan like this.

Accordingly, up to today, the maximum will be about 60mm due to indirect effects, but from tomorrow to the day after tomorrow, heavy rain will pour in Jeju and the southern coast due to direct influence.

More than 400 mm in the mountainous areas of Jeju, and in the southern coastal regions, it is expected to rain more than 120 mm.

As a result, the typhoon warning that is currently issued in the far seas south of Jeju may gradually extend to the southern coast, so it is better to prepare in advance to avoid damage.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)