Haiti, one month after the earthquake: return of reporting with Stefanie Schüler

Audio 19:30

Women during a food distribution in Les Cayes, Haiti, after the August 14 earthquake.


By: Clémentine Pawlotsky

20 mins

A month ago, on August 14, 2021, Haiti was hit by another deadly earthquake.

This 7.2 magnitude earthquake was felt across the country.

It was particularly devastating in the south-west of the island: 2,248 dead, nearly 13,000 injured, more than 300 missing and nearly 140,000 uninhabitable houses, 60,000 of which were completely destroyed.

A heavy toll in a country that is still healing the wounds of the 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. 


A month later, what is the daily life of Haitians like?

Where is the delivery of humanitarian aid, while the state is still plunged into an institutional crisis since the assassination of its president in July 2021?

Decryption with:

Stefanie Schüler

, journalist at RFI's International Service, back from reporting in Haiti.


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