Why talk shows are popular (cultural only)

  In recent years, talk shows have gradually become popular in China.

With the popularity of some talk shows, on the one hand, this form of spoken language comedy began to receive more and more attention, and the popularity of talk show actors has greatly increased; on the other hand, talk shows have driven the development of offline talk shows. , More and more young people are beginning to understand and like talk shows. After a busy day of work, they go to a small theater to listen to the actors on the stage sharing life stories and relax themselves in laughter.

  It is now a normal life for people to gather together, joking with each other, and let the happy and unhappy things be resolved by laughter.

This is also an important reason for the popularity of talk shows in recent years.

Unlike in the past, the Chinese have more space, more confidence, and humor, satire, and ridicule that are kind to others. This is particularly evident in young people.

In the Tokyo Olympics that just ended, whether it was the "post-00s" Olympic athletes' success or failure, talk and laughter, or the off-site spectators' heroism and laughter, all reflected the more confident and relaxed Chinese youth generation. Mentality.

  Another reason for the popularity of talk shows is that they pay attention to the lives of young people.

Some of the popular talk shows nowadays, in order to get closer to life, in addition to professional talk show actors, more cross-border players from different industries are invited to join, upgrade the themes to "lifestyle", closely follow the theme of life, and focus on social hot spots. .

Marriage, gender, family, health, workplace... all the problems that may be encountered in reality can be the subject of talk shows.

Through the talk show, everyone reached a sympathetic consensus on different things and different viewpoints in laughter and laughter.

On the basis of integrating with local life, the talk show also reflects the richness of contemporary Chinese youth culture.

  Making it easier for young people is the basis for the survival of talk shows. Interesting and meaningful is the value of talk shows.

As a new thing, talk show programs also need to be constantly improved in the supervision, criticism and suggestions of viewers and users, and seek the greatest common divisor between solid content, artistic expression, and warm views, and the mainstream value of society, and continue to improve. The quality and vitality of the program.

  (The author is a professor at Tsinghua University)

  Yin Hong