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Five minutes are enough

to make a perfect, infallible and wild-card makeup at any age ... if you know how and the areas to 'attack' more or less according to age.

An eyelid in your thirties

is not the same

as one that has fallen out over time, nor is a lip so defined at 30 than at 60.

From 50: eye to ... the eyes

An express makeup at 50 (and over)

involves working the skin well before attacking with color. Make-up artist Raquel Álvarez reminds us that, with the arrival of

menopause and hormonal changes,

"the skin becomes drier, therefore it is necessary

to deeply hydrate it,

so that the makeup base does not crack throughout the day" . In addition, the basic products, be it

a base or a cc cream,

must also be nutritious.

It is important for these skins to

use a very small amount of foundation:

less is more, because "the less makeup you use, the

more the appearance of wrinkles is minimized,"

says Álvarez. It might seem the opposite, but the truth is that if the amount of foundation is excessive, it

lodges in the wrinkles

and, far from hiding them, highlights them.

At the time of color,

the eyes present their peculiarities.

The contours are less defined, the eyelids may be drooping,

the eyelashes begin to thin ...

And that is why you have to dedicate a

few minutes

(no more than two or three) to make them stand out again.


"It always works to use a shadow that is neither very light nor very dark

on the eyelid, a medium brown,

with a neutral finish, never shiny. And the smaller the surface of the eyelid, the lighter the shadow should be," says the makeup artist. .

Cate Blanchett (52) adds a cherry hue to her lips.

More. The play is finished off with a flush review of the upper lashes

with a black or medium brown pencil,

"applying makeup only from

the middle of the eye to the outside,

very close to the lash line", describes Raquel Álvarez. And do not forget to curl and make up your eyelashes.

If you have a

very droopy or folded eyelid,

there is also an express solution. "The

entire upper lash line

is drawn

with a

black or brown


with a line well glued to the root of the eyelashes. And it blends well", indicates the expert. Add

some loose powder

or a bit of neutral shadow to seal it in and make it last all day. And the mascara, without a doubt waterproof so that it does not stain the slightly droopy eyelid.

And the lips?

As with the eyes, the lip contour fades with age.

The solution that Álvarez proposes is to

outline it with a natural tone

and apply "a lipstick, very moisturizing, to avoid that it ends up installed in the wrinkles of the barcode, in a slightly raised brown tone with respect to the natural one, or in

a cherry color ".

At 30, a very fast fake smoke

Dakota Johnson (31) with a soft smoky eye.

It is the decade where everything is allowed, when the skin is still juicy, the contours defined ... "You can highlight the eye and / or the lip, but if we choose the eye, there is nothing like making

a fake smoked,

very soft, that it leaves an intense and dark look without being as strong as that of a nocturnal and more worked look ", advises Raquel Álvarez.

The fake smoking is achieved like this, according to the makeup artist:

  • With

    a medium, warm brown pencil,

    the upper and lower lash lines are outlined, outside and inside the eye.

    And it fades.

  • For

    the shadows,

    brown tones are chosen better than black or other darker colors.

    A medium brown is applied all over the eyelid, reaching the basin, where it blends well, and on that tone a darker brown is added just in the area of ​​the mobile eyelid.

  • Are

    tabs labeled either

    with mask, passing from roots to ends to lengthen and contribution volume.

The express complements to this eye would be:

  • Some

    light satin base,

    just to unify.

  • A

    cream concealer,

    used in a subtle way to highlight points of light and shadows, almost like a false tan.

  • Gentle sun powders in the areas where the skin tans: cheekbones, nasal septum, hairline on the forehead ... More to give volume to the face than anything else.

  • Illuminator,

    perfect to give points of light at this age, on the cheekbone it leaves a luminous and subtle effect with which the skin looks healthy and beautiful.

  • A



    in a natural shade.

At 40, a quick and fast mix is ​​the key

Marion Cotillard (45) with an extra mascara.

It is the middle ground, where almost anything goes -the work environment weighs more and if it is necessary to 'adapt' to it, according to the makeup artist Raquel Álvarez-.

Yes, you have to lose a minute

to work the skin a little more,

"with eye contour, hydration, even a massage that leaves the skin smooth, with stones or rollers of quartz or jade", explains the expert.

And as for

the express look,

Álvarez bets on little more than


on the eye and emphasizing

the lip

("with and without a mask," he defends).

In the eyes, even if you bet everything on the mask, it is better

not to leave the eyelid bare.

"Throughout the day, it gets dirty and greasy; to avoid that effect,

a primer or concealer

is applied

and sealed with a

few loose powders

-but not very white or light, but natural or, at most, something darker- ", says the makeup artist.


little cream shadow

on the eyelid also works, the kind that are water resistant and can be easily applied with a fingertip.

Next, the lip.

"It is highlighted with a natural color that helps define the contour of the lips, and can be fixed, long-lasting. In

a raised brown, natural but noticeable",

Álvarez advises.

The makeup is completed with a contouring based on sun powder and a touch of blush.

Yes, the latest blush, to "apply the right touch that balances with the lips, without looking like a


with very rosy cheeks", warns the makeup artist.

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