Shocking warning for watermelon lovers... Toxicologist: Pay attention to the most dangerous part of it!

In a warning that may be unpleasant for watermelon lovers, a Russian professor of medical sciences said that the outer and inner peel of watermelon can pose a health risk, because it retains the highest concentration of pesticides that are often used in agriculture.

Professor and toxicologist Dr. Mikhail Kutuchov explained that the danger is due to the fact that the concentrated pesticides, which are often used in agriculture, remain suspended in the melon peels, noting that when choosing a watermelon, attention should be paid to its appearance. The planned watermelon is not necessarily safe at all, according to what The agency "Sputnik" quoted the Russian website

The agency added that the endocrinologist at the Moscow State University Clinic, Zukra Pavlova, previously stated that “the most dangerous thing in watermelon is fructose”, as it releases a feeling in the body similar to hunger, which leads a person to want to eat, even if he eats large quantities of watermelon. Considering that this may cause weight gain and obesity.

And she advised to eat watermelon only after a full meal, in an allowed quantity: 200-300 grams.

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