Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture, started mass vaccination for foreigners on the 12th, saying that vaccination with the new coronavirus of foreigners living in the city has not progressed.

About 5,500 foreigners live in Joso City, which accounts for about 9% of the population, which is the highest among the municipalities in Ibaraki Prefecture.

According to the city, the information has not been disseminated to foreign residents, and it seems that few people have been vaccinated so far. Outbreak = clusters have been confirmed one after another.

For this reason, the city started mass inoculation for foreign residents on the 12th, apart from general mass inoculation.

Reservations are accepted on the website written in English, etc., and information is posted in English and Portuguese at the reception desk and inoculation booth at the inoculation venue.

The people who visited the venue had been vaccinated after being explained by an interpreter and interviewed by a doctor.

According to the city, about 300 people were vaccinated on the 12th of the first day.

A 40-year-old woman of Sri Lankan nationality who had completed the vaccination said, "I am not good at Japanese, so I was relieved to be guided by an interpreter."