A "Nukihoshiki" ceremony was held in Tsubata Town, Ishikawa Prefecture to harvest rice for the "Niiname-no-Matsuri" festival held at the Imperial Palace in the fall.

Rice and other products are delivered from all over Japan to the "Niiname-no-Matsuri" held at the Imperial Palace on November 23 every year, and Koshihikari made by Shinichi Inoue, a farmer in Tsubata Town, will be presented from Ishikawa Prefecture. I am.

On the 12th, about 20 people from the prefecture and JA gathered in Mr. Inoue's rice field, and a "picking ceremony" was held to harvest rice.

At the ceremony, after the priest gave a congratulatory speech, a total of five elementary and junior high school students in dark blue kimono and junior high school students acted as "Karime" to harvest rice. I pulled out one book.

Mr. Inoue, the producer, said, "The rice is well made. I will not be disappointed because it needs to be dried after this, but I will try to deliver it safely to the Imperial Palace."

In Ishikawa Prefecture, a "picking ceremony" will be held in Suzu City on the 19th of this month.