Élise Denjean, edited by Antoine Terrel 8:03 am, September 12, 2021

In nursing homes, the time has come for the Covid-19 vaccination booster campaign, with a third dose administered to residents.

Europe 1 went to an establishment in Guyancourt, where the injections have already started. 


In France, the vaccination booster campaign against Covid-19, the famous third dose, has already started since the beginning of September. This campaign must now specifically target nursing homes, where the oldest people live, who are particularly vulnerable to the virus. Almost half of the establishments have already received the vials ordered, and the rest are expected to follow. And in some nursing homes, such as the Korian Les Saules in Guyancourt, in the Paris region, we have already started to bite.  

Esther was expected as the Messiah.

It was she who was responsible for delivering the establishment with anti-Covid vaccine.

In her transport bag that looks like a cooler, nearly 70 doses, which are not only intended for residents of the nursing home, explains the young pharmacist.

"We delivered 10 vials, there is a minimum of six doses per vial, and we can expect a seventh dose. So the Regional Health Agency recommends that we do the six doses for residents and reserve the seventh bonus dose. for doctors, families of residents and people at risk, ”she explains. 

"Now we are in good shape"

The precious serum is stored in a refrigerator, but not for long, because the nursing home has already started to vaccinate, and there is no question of wasting time.

"I took out 2 vials, we wait 30 minutes before preparing them, then we dispatches them in the syringes", describes Cindy, the coordinating nurse.

"Now we are in good shape."

When it comes time to call back, Yvonne, a resident, holds out her arm in resignation.

"I don't like it that much," she says.

"But still, it is necessary."

A total of 96 residents must receive a third dose in the establishment, before the start of the vaccination campaign, this time against the flu, which is due to start in a month.