Consumers: When the finger touches the screen, it becomes "all-inclusive" 99 yuan per second, 2178 yuan per second

  Buy blind box quilt routines?

Bubble Mart buyers build a group to defend their rights

  According to local media reports in Shanghai, a citizen of Shanghai, Mr. Gu, used the "Mystery Shop" activity on the WeChat mini-program Bubble Mart box pumping machine. He pressed 99 yuan to draw once when he chose, but he did not expect to jump directly to the all-inclusive package when he paid. , Paid 2178 yuan all at once, and immediately applied for a refund but was rejected by the customer service.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from consumer descriptions that the so-called "all-inclusive" means that the "mystery store" lists all the remaining prizes in each stall.

The page will prompt the remaining quantity of each prize. Depending on the remaining quantity, the all-inclusive price is different, ranging from 2,700 yuan to 9,700 yuan, and the number of babies obtained varies from more than 30 to more than 100.


  Buying the blind box for 99 yuan mistakenly touches the "all inclusive"

  According to reports, a few days ago, Mr. Mingugu used the "Mystery Shop" activity on the WeChat mini-program Bubble Mart Box Drawer. He clicked 99 yuan to draw once when he chose, but he did not expect to jump directly to the all-inclusive package and pay at once. 2178 yuan.

Mr. Gu immediately got in touch with Bubble Mart's manual customer service, but the response was that if it is not a quality problem, no refund will be given.

  On a certain social platform, there are many consumers who are similar to Mr. Gu. They have spontaneously organized a rights protection group. There are more than 30 members in the group. All of them are all-inclusive, and the payment amount ranges from several thousand yuan, and one of the consumers has the highest one-time consumption of nearly 10,000 yuan.

Consumers who have set up quick payment such as "swipe face", have not waited for a response, have shown that the payment is successful.

  Mr. Gu said that on the WeChat applet of the "Mystery Store" of Bubble Mart, there are one and all packages. When you click "1", you may have to click multiple times to trigger the response, but when you click "1" When the “all-inclusive” button is used, as long as the edge of a finger touches a little bit, it will jump out immediately.

Mr. Gu believes that such a situation is suspected of inducing consumption.

  However, for consumers' doubts, Bubble Mart denied it.

  Reporter experience

  The lowest-grade goods are only worth 10 yuan

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily saw that the "Mystery Store" is a limited-time event launched by the WeChat applet of the Bubble Mart Box Drawer. It is said that some hidden models, past limited models and return models will all be on the shelves, so they have received a lot of attention. Consumer expectations.

However, the blind box products are more uncertain than the previous blind boxes. They are divided into A-G7 files, plus the last file.

  After entering the store, there is only 3 minutes to draw the box. The bottom of the screen will display a countdown and prompts such as "buy one, buy three, buy five, buy ten".

On the right side of the bottom, a large "Remaining All Inclusive" button is displayed, which is easy to misuse.

A video screen provided by a consumer shows that the remaining all-inclusive price is 9702 yuan, and it is marked "must get the last reward."

  On social platforms, many consumers think this activity is "clearing inventory."

Some netizens said that after discussing with group friends, it was difficult to draw the so-called hidden money with less than 20 draws. In the end, everyone was "losing."

Some consumers have calculated an account and found that the blind boxes of the "mystery store" are priced at 99 yuan, but these blind boxes are usually priced at around 59 and 69 yuan.

And in the second-hand market pricing, the highest price is not more than 4 times to draw blind boxes, and the lowest grades are even about 10-20 yuan, and these low-value blind boxes account for the majority. I think everyone can "draw weeds". .


  Whether to support the return or exchange is still disputed

  Regarding the issue of return and exchange, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily contacted the Public Relations Department of Bubble Mart, but the other party did not respond.

  On the purchase page, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily saw the "reminder" given by Pao Mart during the payment link, which mentioned that "Blind box goods will be opened after payment. "Interim Measures" Article 7 (2), do not use seven days without reason to return," consumers can "confirm the above information and pay."

  In this regard, lawyer Li Bin of Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm stated that the consumer law clearly stipulates that consumers have the right to return goods without reason within seven days after receiving the goods. If the merchant believes that the nature of the blind box goods is not suitable for return, they should clearly indicate on the web page. After the consumer clicks to confirm.

According to the settings of Bubble Mart, it has been clearly reminded that it is not applicable to return without reason. When the consumer submits an order and pays, the contract is established and effective. If there is no circumstance, a refund cannot be requested even if it has not been shipped.

However, he also said that whether blind box products support unreasonable return is still controversial in the industry.

"Merchants have clearly reminded and confirmed by consumers that it is difficult to apply for unreasonable returns. Consumers can complain to the Consumers Association or the Market Supervision Bureau."

  Chen Yinjiang, deputy secretary-general of the China Consumer Rights Protection Law Research Association, said that in this case, the all-inclusive blind box is different from the ordinary blind box. The items in the all-inclusive blind box are relatively fixed, and consumers buy After the overall return, there are no factors such as opening the blind box or the uncertainty of the product. Therefore, according to the attributes of the product, it should not be a product that can not be returned for seven days without reason.

  Reporter's Notes

  New gameplay requires rules

  To successfully start a business requires kindness

  The "blind box" that only became popular in 2019 is undoubtedly a novelty. Many laws and regulations have not even fully kept up. For example, the seven-day unreasonable return and exchange of goods is still controversial in the legal world.

But through the blind box of successful Bubble Mart, its business behavior and logic can never go beyond the basic framework and business integrity.

In particular, many blind box consumers are still minors. Can their rights be protected?

This is of great importance to a successful listed company.

  Blind box itself is already a new gameplay. Its "all-inclusive", "mystery shop", "big baby" and other gameplay methods continue to add novelty and excitement to this game with a touch of gambling, attracting players Constantly "chop hands", and eventually become more and more addictive.

The reporter believes that there is nothing wrong with new types of start-up companies engaging in new gameplay. As long as the company follows the right path, stresses integrity, and assumes responsibility, then companies should be allowed to earn their own fair and honest money.

Therefore, when faced with problems such as rising pricing, too slow delivery, perfunctory customer service, suspected consumption induced by product design, suspected IP plagiarism, and unpleasant odors in the product, companies should pay attention to them and solve them as soon as possible.

Otherwise, a company that relies on consumers to "get into the pit" to make money, once it lets consumers "go down", it will be difficult to attract them back, and the loss to the company is immeasurable.

  Taking a step back, when some of the current regulations are not yet clear, the company's handling methods can show its attitude towards consumers and a sense of social responsibility.

For example, individual consumers who ordered the "all-inclusive" goods by mistake and request a refund before they have been shipped, then the company chooses "no return according to the "Contract Law"" or "return according to the "Consumer Protection Law"" ; For example, when the IP is suspected of plagiarism, is it all to be removed from the shelves immediately and apologized, or the time is delayed and eventually only partially removed; another example is to find out the culprit of the unpleasant smell after consumers report that the baby’s formaldehyde exceeds the standard, or to issue an issue A product inspection report with no problems is over... The choice at this time is enough to see a company's responsibility.

In fact, many Internet companies have recently upgraded their after-sales regulations for consumers. Although it seems that they have “suffered a small loss”, they have won applause from more consumers. This approach is worthy of recognition.

  To engage in new gameplay, we must also pay attention to rules, and to succeed in a business, we must also be kind. Companies should not always consider profit first. More important than it is social responsibility and responsibility, which is whether the company can develop in a more healthy and long-term development. Bigger and stronger.


  Many blind boxes cost only more than ten yuan

  Bubble Mart was established in 2010, and its blind box products accounted for more than 80%.

Blind box refers to a toy box for which consumers cannot know the specific product style in advance, and only know the content after purchase and extraction.

The origin of the blind box concept probably comes from the Japanese lucky bag, at least it can be traced back to the 1980s, and even domestic products such as capsules and blind boxes have long been available in China.

At present, the domestic market for various types of blind boxes has exceeded 10 billion yuan each year.

  Most of the blind box prices of Bubble Mart are between 39 yuan and 79 yuan, but there was a public price of 3999 yuan for the doll "Big Baby" that was larger than the ordinary dolls, and they were all sold in limited editions, and they were on the second-hand market. Once it was launched, it was fired up to a price of 89999 yuan, which was questioned by netizens.

  The word "fried" has always been inseparable from the blind box.

In addition to selling on the official platform, many offline and online channels have a large number of players who hoard, hype, and resell second-hand blind boxes and babies. They have formed a special market to "chasing up and down" for scarce blind boxes. Arouse the pursuit of consumers, and eventually induce them to rebuke a lot of money to buy, including some minors.

Some players said that this was caused by the "scarcity" of babies. Bubble Mart has been playing hunger marketing, so it gave a lot of room for scalpers.

  According to the prospectus submitted by Bubble Mart to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2020, from 2017 to 2019, the company's gross profit reached 75.3 million yuan, 298 million yuan and 1.09 billion yuan; the gross profit margins for the same period were 47.6%, 57.9% and respectively. 64.8%.

Based on this calculation, the cost of a blind box priced at 39-59 yuan is only more than ten yuan.

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