In order to have them taste the 20th century pears, which are the specialty of Tottori prefecture, which is in season, a harvesting experience was held at the pear exhibition facility in Kurayoshi City, and families and others enjoyed pear picking.

At the pear exhibition facility "Tottori 20th Century Pear Memorial Hall" in Kurayoshi City, we hold an event every year where you can experience pear hunting at this time when pears are in season.

On the 12th, parents and children from inside and outside the prefecture visited the facility and learned from the person in charge the points of harvesting, such as picking up the pear fruit and twisting it, and the participating children carefully picked up the large fruit of the 20th century pear. Was there.

A fourth grade boy from Hyogo Prefecture said, "It was harder than I expected, but I enjoyed picking pears myself. I want to eat it with the whole family."

A 6-year-old girl from Tottori said, "I had a lot of fun trying it for the first time. I want to cut it at home and eat pears."

Hidetada Kikudome of the "Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Memorial Hall" said, "This is a big fruit, and I'm glad that the participants were surprised. I would be happy if you could feel it. "