Tuition arrears from last year

17.4 thousand dirhams deprive 3 brothers of their studies

(Abu Ammar - 45 years old) has been unable to manage 17,401 dirhams, the value of the school fees arrears accumulating on his three sons (Ammar), (Fatima) and (Omar), since last year, and the father appeals to good people and people of merciful hearts to extend a helping hand and help to pay the amount.

Abu Ammar told Al-Emarat Al-Youm: "My life was stable, and God blessed me with three sons, all of whom are in different educational stages, and among the outstanding and distinguished in their educational classes, the oldest of whom is (Ammar - 15 years old) studying in the tenth grade, and (Fatima - 10 years) in the fifth grade, and the youngest (age - eight) is in the third grade of primary school.

He added that he works in one of the private sectors in the Emirate of Ajman with a salary of 3,500 dirhams, in addition to his work in the evening shift in the installation of gypsum and decoration, and he was receiving an appropriate additional income that covers the family's needs of food, drink, housing and education.

He added, "Last year, I stumbled financially, and I could not practice overtime after suffering a financial loss and it was closed, so debts accumulated on me, and I became unable to pay the tuition fees for my children for the past year."

He pointed out that the administration of the private school where his children attend sent several warnings, via text messages and e-mail, asking him to pay the fees, and told him that in the event of non-payment in full, his children will be suspended from registering for the new academic year, and prevented from receiving their final results for the last academic year. .

The father stated that he knocked on many doors to get a new job in various sectors, to improve the situation of his family members consisting of three sons and his wife (a housewife), but he did not succeed, and his family depends for its livelihood on food aid through a charitable organization.

The father works with a salary of 3,500 dirhams per month, and his family consists of 4 members.