• Eric Zemmour was the political guest of the second issue of the second season of

    On est en direct

    on France 2, on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

  • In his book, the one who says he is still thinking about running for president, does not spare Laurent Ruquier.

  • “I've been hearing the same thing for many years, that's even why, after five years, I've had enough.

    It took me a little while to understand what you were saying.

    Too much, maybe, ”said the host.

At the beginning of the late

We are not lying

, between 2006 and 2011, Laurent Ruquier and Eric Zemmour were side by side as host and columnist. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, they were face to face on the set of

On est en direct


The roles have been redistributed and Léa Salamé, co-presenter since the start of the school year, immediately asked the guest to specify his: "Who do we have in front of us tonight?" A political columnist? A political commentator? A politician ? A presidential candidate? The main objective was to win the premiere of his official entry into the race for the Elysée. The duo of interviewers did not skimp on the raises, Eric Zemmour dodged each time, confining himself to confirming his "desire" to present his candidacy and his will to "choose his moment" to announce his decision.

The complicity of yesteryear will therefore not have been sufficient to convince the polemicist to deliver a scoop to the talk show of France 2. However, the links, even strongly weakened, between Laurent Ruquier and Eric Zemmour gave a singular dimension to the interview which lasted almost an hour. Evidenced by this lively exchange:

- Laurent Ruquier:

You talk about your “media triumph at CNews”.

Are you okay with your ankles, Eric?

It's a triumph compared to other news channels but, for example, Nagui at the same time, every evening on France 2 has three times more audiences than you.

You make 5%.

- Eric Zemmour:

When I arrived, the time slot was 80,000 viewers, we are between 800,000 and 1 million every night.

I call it a triumph.

(...) It's true that when I was with you, we did a lot more and that you now do less than me.


- Ruquier:

Right now we have roughly the same number of viewers.

Except you do them at 7 p.m. and we do them between midnight and 2 a.m.

It is incomparable.

What matters is market share: how many out of a hundred people who watch TV [at that time] are watching you.

You make 5%, we do two or three times as much.

We must respect the truth of the figures.

- Zemmour: 


I only know the overall figures, excuse me.

- Ruquier:

I hope it will be better and that Mr. Le Floch Prigent, ex-convict, will advise you better for the economy.

- Zemmour:

Le Floch Prigent has run businesses that you will never be able to run.

- Ruquier:

No, but I, in any case, have never been to prison.

“You've known me for fifteen years, I feel like I'm still the same.

I always say the same thing, which some people sometimes despair, ”Eric Zemmour answered a little earlier to Léa Salamé's first question.

"That is true," reacted the host.

I have been hearing the same thing for many years, which is even the reason why, after five years, I had had enough.

It took me a little while to understand what you were saying.

Too much, maybe.


This remorse is nothing new.

In 2015, Laurent Ruquier - moreover questioned on the subject by Léa Salamé - made his mea culpa for having recruited Eric Zemmour as a columnist: “I regret it, because I realize that I participated in the trivialization of these ideas. -the.


"Why would I have gay activists around me?"


If the interview of this night leaves the traditional framework of the political interview which one is used to on French television, it is because the host was not spared by his former collaborator.

He was able to confront him and answer him.

In the self-published book, which he promotes,

France has not said its last word

, Eric Zemmour talks about

We are not lying


He describes Laurent Ruquier and his former producer Catherine Barma as “Thénardier” and explains why, according to him, he ended up being excluded from the talk show.

"The reasons why I separated from you, it is not at all what you write," corrected the host, quoting an excerpt: "He was chomping at the bit for months.

His table is assailed every evening by a court of left-wing sores and gay activists, all this small Parisian milieu scandalized for a long time by my provocations.

"This statement ulcerated the main concerned:" But how do you know who I invite to my table in the evening?

And why would I have gay activists around me?


"When we listen to you, we want to be a little more militant"

Evasive response from Eric Zemmour: “People talk a lot in Paris, you know. "" I do not know who told you that, but it proves that you do not read most of the reports of gay associations who are angry with me for not being militant enough or "communitarian", as you do not like that. we are. It is true that when we listen to you, we want to be a little more, that's true, ”continued Laurent Ruquier, no doubt referring to the report of the AJL * - association of which is a member. author of this article - on

Les Grosses Têtes


In his book, Eric Zemmour also recounts his arrival in

We are not lying

in the fall of 2014 where he was taken to task by Xavier Dolan and actress Anne Dorval, then in full promotion of


. "I swear Eric, it disappoints me a lot to read things like that, confided Laurent Ruquier before reading the extract in question:" She was accompanied by her director, a young ephebe with a tormented gaze who, if I 'I believed Ruquier's laudatory portrayal of him had genius simply because he was gay. " That is to say, I would invite a director on this set just because he is gay! ? “, Choked the host.

"This is not what I write, you misunderstand me", slipped the former columnist.

“Yes, that's what is written,” insisted the presenter before Léa Salamé intervened: “He's an excellent director!

Who cares if he's gay or not.

"" We don't care because we only talk about that.

You do not even realize how much you are the vehicle of the dominant ideology ", replied Eric Zemmour - who will be made lie a little later by affirming:" If you saw the polls, it is you who are marginal.

70% of French people think like me ”.

"By reading your book, we understand who lives in a bubble"

For him, Laurent Ruquier's broadcasts “are eminently political. There is always the promotion of minorities, of political correctness, of all this ideology, you promote it. "You have never looked reality in the face since I have known you," he said to his former employer towards the end of the interview. "It's always your answer: 'We live in a small environment, in a bubble.' When you read your book, you understand who lives in a bubble and in a small environment, believe me, ”replied the host of

On est en direct


"We are going to make Eric Zemmour react to all the electoral posters which flourish in Paris," announced Laurent Ruquier last week in the columns of the



It's still fun to see that, especially when I think ten years ago this guy was on my set.

I feel like it's a joke.

“That night on the France 2 talk show, the laughter was especially tense.


Yes, Eric Zemmour's speaking time can be deducted even if he is not a candidate


The CSA asks the media to count the speaking time of Eric Zemmour

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