On September 10, the 2021 World Robotics Conference opened in Beijing.

At the opening ceremony, the conference received blessings from three astronauts from the Chinese Space Station.

  The three astronauts of the Shenzhou 12 flight crew, Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo, sent a blessing to the conference at the China Space Station: "Robot technology is profoundly changing the production and lifestyle of human beings. The robotic arm of the China Space Station is also helping us. Completed two missions out of the cabin. On the occasion of the upcoming World Robot Conference in 2021, the Shenzhou 12 flight crew on the China Space Station wishes the conference, expo, and competition a complete success!"

  This conference forum is composed of an opening ceremony, three theme summits, "Navigation Summit", "Future Summit", and "International Summit", and more than 20 special forums. The overall forum is conducted in the form of online and offline integration, and domestic and overseas interaction. , More than 300 top Chinese and foreign scientists, representatives of international organizations, entrepreneurs and other guests attended the summit.

  Simultaneously with the expo held at the same time as the forum.

The Expo is divided into three major exhibition areas: industrial robots, service robots, and special robots, bringing together more than 500 products from more than 110 companies to stage the "Robot Mobilization".

  It is reported that the World Robot Conference has been held for five sessions since 2015. It has gathered a large number of innovative resources, industrial resources, market resources, capital resources, and human resources. It has developed into a top event with the largest scale, the highest specifications and the richest international elements in the robotics field. .

(Reporter Du Yan produced Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】