The script kills the shadows under the high light

  Our reporter Zhao Yuhan

  In 2021, the name of Script Killing quickly went out of the circle, ushering in wave after wave of attention from the market and capital.

However, as a new thing, the existing chaos in the industry also makes the script killing "shadow intensified."

After the influx of a large number of creators, the quality of the scripts varies from good to bad, a large number of new stores retired after opening, and the vicious competition in the upstream of the industry has intensified... How to establish industry standards?

Has become the key to determining whether this new social favorite can go further.

New players enter the game and old players take off fans

  Hold a script in hand, play a role in the game for a few hours, immerse yourself in a story with other players and complete the reasoning of the case-this is the popular script kill nowadays.

This year, this kind of games has exploded into the circle, and the total number of script killing works has shown a blowout, which has also attracted more and more early adopters.

  Ms. Wu is a professor at a university in Beijing.

Not long ago, she tried the script-killing game together on the recommendation of her students.

After experiencing a red theme script kill, Ms. Wu was shocked: "I used to think this was a niche game for children. Now it is not only very interesting, but also very meaningful."

  However, just as a large number of new players entered the field, there were also some old players who took off fans.

"I've been playing script kills since 2017. I have played both from foreign translations to local ones." Said Xiaosu, a citizen who can be described as a "hardcore" player. However, this year I started to play less and less.” Xiaosu admitted frankly that the dwindling surprises were the main reason for his off fans.

  “In the past, there were not many books, but each one was a boutique; now, many of the so-called'exclusive books' are of great disappointment. Moreover, the stores are opening more and more, and the quality of service is uneven.” Xiaosu said, the experience of being pitted makes people” I lost all my good feelings in an instant."

The number of scripts blows out the quality depends on luck

  In the eyes of most players, a good script kill requires high-quality scripts on one end, and good service from the store on the other.

However, there are a lot of chaos on both ends that need to be resolved.

  "When the industry gets hot, it will usher in a large number of creators, including a large number of online writers and film and television screenwriters." As the city's first batch of script-killing shops, the shop owner of the in-game reasoning deduction hall (pseudonym) said.

  But the blowout in the number of scripts did not improve the overall quality.

"In the past, we spent a lot of money to buy an'exclusive book', it will really usher in high popularity and good reputation in the store, but now we buy some scripts, after we try them out, we will directly'bury them' because of the quality. It really doesn't work." Inspector He said.

  In this industry, constantly updated script kill works are the lifeblood of the store's survival.

This also forces stores to continue to participate in various exhibitions and scramble for scarce scripts, leading to the creation workshops and publishers in the upper reaches of the industry-creators or studios are in a strong position, and there are even false praises given by "closed beta players". Condition.

  This has caused many stores to experience typos, unreasonable plots and even plagiarized texts throughout the story.

"The money has already been spent, and I can only suffer from dumb losses, and there is nowhere to defend rights." Inspector He said.

  In addition to this situation, the reporter noticed that because script kills are neither in the category of books, nor traditional board games, they do not need to be reviewed for listing. Some script kills are full of pornography and violent plots, and even use this as a selling point to the industry. Bring no small negative impact.

Shoppers flocked in and out

  As the other end of the script-killing game, stores are also swarming with the trend.

In the neighborhoods or buildings where young people gather, even in the short term, seven or eight script-killing shops have opened one after another to grab business. The craze has receded and many shops are in a difficult situation to survive.

  Inspector He has now opened two script-killing offline stores in Beijing, and has also devoted himself to script writing and store training.

But in his view, blind entry to the store's service quality has become an important issue that hinders the healthy development of the script-killing industry.

  The quality of service is difficult to guarantee, the experience of the script is not good, and the uncertainty of the epidemic has caused a group of small and scattered stores to quickly exit after entering the market, and the closures abound.

This may also be a process of industry reshuffle.

Since the beginning of this year, more capital is being injected into the field of script killing to build the industry leader.

The offline script game brand "Lai Nao Lienow" completed a ten million angel round of financing, and the online game distribution and trading platform "Xiao Hei Tan" obtained strategic financing from China Reading Group and Jinshajiang Venture Capital.

  The reporter learned that Beijing and Shanghai have taken the lead in setting up script-killing industry associations, but the two associations are more self-published by practitioners in some fields.

There is also news that in the fourth quarter of this year, relevant departments will convene leading companies of domestic script issuers to jointly introduce industry management measures.

"We still hope that the industry can unite, establish industry associations with government guidance and multi-party participation, and standardize all aspects of issuers and stores, so that scripts can develop better." Inspector He said.