"I'm an anti-fraud anchor, what kind of anchor are you?" Recently, Chen Guoping, a policeman in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, and the anchor Lianmai PK to promote anti-fraud knowledge on the Internet.

With the blessing of high beauty, various anchors performed short video live PK sessions with bizarre costumes and funny and funny, and suddenly a real policeman dressed in a standard police uniform and sitting in a dreadful manner appeared.

The presence of the police made the anchors panic, and the scenes of "proactively confessing" and "incoherent" were hilarious.

Among them, the "famous scenes" of Lao Chen PK "Xichang father-in-law" became the "top stream" of various network platforms, and also made the anti-fraud propaganda successfully "out of the circle".

Under the guidance of Lao Chen, several Internet celebrity anchors such as the anchor "Grandpa Xichang" joined anti-fraud propaganda, introducing a clear stream to the entertainment-oriented PK circle.

  This new type of anti-fraud propaganda has swept the Internet by means of "an anchor passes the anchor and the anchor passes fans".

The original relatively blunt anti-fraud propaganda, supported by the new format of live PK, inspired many Internet users to spontaneously repost and spread it, successfully reaching hundreds of millions of audiences.

Just as a Weibo netizen said: "Spending hundreds of millions on promotion may not have this effect, it was easily done by Lao Chen."

  In fact, Lao Chen did not do it lightly, and his efforts also have great practical significance.

Nowadays, new forms of the Internet are emerging in endlessly, and the attention of netizens is constantly shifting. The positive energy propaganda such as the step-by-step law popularization work of government departments is difficult to reach the masses effectively, and the traditional working methods are also difficult to satisfy the "appetite" of current netizens.

The significance of police officer Lao Chen's introduction of anti-fraud propaganda into the PK live broadcast is to realize "where the masses are, the positive propaganda will go", which can be called the use of new technologies, new ideas, new methods, and new formats to carry out positive propaganda. The vivid portrayal of the government is worthy of reference and promotion by government departments.

  In addition, we must also see that Lao Chen's innovative actions are not without controversy.

At the grassroots level, innovation in work is often accompanied by risks, which are often unbearable for individuals.

Therefore, we should further deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, tolerate trial and error, and form a work ecology that encourages innovation at the grassroots level.

Only when the worries of the future are relieved, more "old Chen" will come to the fore.

  Webcast PK is an emerging field that has just become popular in recent years.

Lao Chen opened a precedent for the positive energy publicity live broadcast PK, and the publicity effect also played a role in two or two.

It can be seen that positive energy propaganda is not boring, but can also inspire enthusiasm for public opinion. The key is to keep pace with the times and be good at innovation.

It can be said that only by keeping abreast of social development and changes, can we answer the examination questions of the changes in the new era.

  Liu Yinan, the commentator for half a month