Chinanews client, Beijing, September 10 (Ren Jing) Today is the 37th Teacher's Day, and nearly 18 million Chinese teachers welcome their own holiday.

Increase wages, reduce burdens, increase protection... In recent years, a series of favorable policies for teachers have been introduced, which have effectively guaranteed the rights and benefits of the teaching team and restored the "dignity of teachers."

Data map: The children made wreaths to congratulate the teacher on a happy holiday.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhai Yujia

Raise the salary

  Increasing teacher salaries has been a topic of social focus in recent years.

  As early as 2017, the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Educational System and Mechanism" issued by the Central Office and the State Council proposed that teachers' salaries should be effectively improved to ensure that the average salary of teachers is not lower than or higher than the average salary of local civil servants.

  On September 1 this year, the Ministry of Education held a press conference and revealed that 2,846 districts and counties across the country have achieved the goal of "the average salary level of compulsory education teachers is not lower than the average salary level of local civil servants".

In addition, all regions are establishing two major mechanisms-a long-term mechanism for guaranteeing compulsory education teachers’ wages and funds, and a linkage mechanism in which compulsory education teachers’ income is adjusted with the benefits of local civil servants.

  In addition, in September last year, the Ministry of Education and other eight departments issued the "Several Opinions on Further Stimulating the Vitality of Primary and Secondary Schools." Rural teachers working in difficult and remote areas should increase their honors and material rewards, and promote outstanding teachers to teach for a long time and for life.

Data map: The teachers walked through the red carpet and entered the campus holding the hands of the students, and received salute and blessings from the students.

Zhang Yunshe

Reduce the burden

  When filling in forms, appraisal, and sampling... become teachers' daily routine, the normal school education and teaching order is disturbed, and the extra burden on teachers increases, and many teachers are troubled by it.

  In 2019, the national level issued the "Several Opinions on Reducing the Burden of Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Further Creating a Good Environment for Education and Teaching", pointing out that primary and secondary school teachers still have problems with heavy burdens, such as various inspections, inspections, evaluations, and other items. High frequency; various research, statistics, information collection and other activities are overlapped and repeated, and some are arranged randomly.

  Based on this, many provinces have also issued a list of burden reduction for primary and secondary school teachers to reduce the burden on teachers in five aspects: supervision, inspection, evaluation, social affairs entering the campus, report filling, selection and borrowing of primary and secondary school teachers, and teacher training.

  In January of this year, Ren Youqun, director of the Department of Teacher Work of the Ministry of Education, introduced that at present, all provinces in the country have basically issued a list of teachers' burden reduction.

The Ministry of Education will work with relevant departments to conduct intensive investigations and special rectifications on key issues such as inspectors, appraisals, evaluations, and social affairs entering campuses, to effectively reduce issues that have nothing to do with teachers, and inspire teachers to focus on their main responsibilities, and devote themselves to teaching and educating people.

Data map: Primary school students congratulate the teacher on a happy holiday with sign language exercises.

Zhang Yunshe

The team of teachers is expanding

  According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Education a few days ago, there are 17,929,700 full-time teachers in my country, an increase of 609,400 or 3.52% over the previous year.

Among them, the scale of rural teachers continues to expand.

  In fact, in order to solve the problem of the imbalance of urban and rural education resources, in recent years, my country has adopted policies such as the "Special Post Program", "Three Supports and One Support" and "Excellent Teacher Program" to attract a large number of outstanding talents to join the rural teacher team.

  In the 16 years since the "Special Post Program" was implemented, the central government has invested 80.8 billion yuan in total, which has supplemented 1.03 million special post teachers to rural schools in the central and western regions.

  The "Excellent Teacher Program" refers to the directional approach adopted by the normal universities directly under the Ministry of Education and local normal universities to train about 10,000 normal students for primary and secondary schools in 832 poverty-stricken counties each year.

The plan will be implemented in 2021. After the students of the Excellent Teacher Program arrive at the school, they will enjoy the "two exemptions and one subsidy" policy, free of tuition, exemption of accommodation fees, and subsidized living expenses.

  In addition, the Ministry of Education issued the "Implementation Plan for the Reform of Educational Postgraduates and Public-funded Teachers' Exemption Certification for Primary and Secondary School Teachers' Qualifications," which pointed out that from 2021, colleges and universities enrolling educational graduates and publicly-funded normal students can participate in the examination-free certification reform.

Data map: A "post-90s" rural teacher organizes students to line up to and from school.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Qu Honglun

The guarantee of teacher positions is increasing

  The recruitment of teachers is an important factor in attracting many people to engage in the education industry, and it is also regarded as an important means to protect the rights and interests of teachers. However, there are still some teachers who are "unemployed".

  In response to this situation, in recent years, many places have increased the overall deployment of faculty and staff and adjustments within the city, in favor of the contingent of primary and secondary school teachers.

At the same time, try to make dynamic adjustments to the establishment, improve the "turnover pool" system of the establishment of public institutions, ease the contradiction in the use of the staff, and effectively solve the problem of the lack of staff in primary and secondary schools.

  In addition, in terms of subsidies for teachers, Song Jiale, secretary general of the China Teacher Development Foundation, recently introduced that this year, the China Teacher Development Foundation, in cooperation with the China Education Development Foundation, will arrange 625 million yuan from the Central Lottery Public Welfare Education Grant Program to implement incentive farming. The plan is to subsidize teachers in kindergartens, primary and middle schools (including secondary vocational schools) whose families have financial difficulties in the central and western regions, with a subsidy standard of 10,000 to 50,000 yuan per person.

  Among them, teachers with particularly difficult families and teachers who are seriously injured, disabled or even sacrificed due to the protection of national property and protection of teachers and students from unlawful infringements will be given key funding according to the standard of 20,000 to 50,000 (not more than 4 of the total number of sponsors). %).

  In addition, teachers also have exclusive training-the "National Training Program", which specifically trains key teachers and principals in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens.

According to the Ministry of Education, since the "National Training Program" was implemented in 2010, more than 17 million teachers and principals have been trained, and the central government has invested a total of 20.3 billion yuan in the "National Training Program."

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the "National Training Program" will focus on supporting the training of key rural teachers and principals in underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions, and the plan is to train no less than 4 million teacher principals.