China News Service, Lanzhou, September 8 (Yan Jiao) Reader Publishing Group disclosed on the 8th that as the two major cultural "aces" of Gansu Province, Dunhuang Research Institute and Reader Publishing Group have jointly published more than 400 Dunhuang studies over the years.

  "Our book publishing adheres to the road of'specialization, refinement, specialization, innovation and integration', to be exquisite and distinctive. Dunhuang is our characteristic." Ma Yongqiang, editor-in-chief of Reader Publishing Group, was interviewed by a reporter from in early September Said that almost all of the nine book publishing houses affiliated to the group have published Dunhuang studies books.

  Zhao Shengliang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Dunhuang Academy, said that for a long time, the institute has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Reader Publishing Group (formerly Gansu People’s Publishing House). The awards were awarded at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, and some were translated into foreign languages ​​and distributed abroad, which played a positive role in promoting worldwide Dunhuang studies.

  Not only that, for 70 years, Reader Publishing Group has been committed to cooperating with Dunhuang academic circles at home and abroad to publish Dunhuang books and vigorously promote Dunhuang culture.

So far, a total of 6 categories and more than 1,000 books related to Dunhuang have been published, including photocopying, proofreading, annotations and research of Dunhuang original documents; albums of Dunhuang art, Dunhuang natural and human landscapes; and academic collections of Dunhuang studies. Monographs; translated books on Dunhuang studies; popular readings on Dunhuang studies and Dunhuang history and culture; literary and artistic works based on Dunhuang and Dunhuang culture.

  As Gansu Education Publishing House, which adheres to the publishing of Dunhuang Studies, the editor-in-chief Xue Yingzhao said that up to now, more than 200 Dunhuang Studies books have been published, of which 9 books have won national awards and 1 book. ("Dunhuang Stories for Teenagers") was selected into the list of thematic publications of the Propaganda Department in 2021. There are 4 kinds of book copyrights exported to foreign countries.

At the same time, the agency also creatively explored and published "Dunhuang Painting School" and "Chinese Grotto Corridor" and other integrated media books, which are deeply loved by readers.

  Ma Yongqiang said that in order to make Dunhuang book publishing bigger and stronger, Reader Publishing Group also established a platform called "Dunhuang Studies-Silk Road Studies Publishing Center" to gather the superior resources of the group's publishing houses to form a joint effort to explore Dunhuang culture. The basic tenet is the connotation, highlighting the tension of characteristic publishing, and the creation of Dunhuang Studies exquisite publications, and constantly explores the new operation mode of Dunhuang Studies publishing, and strives to make the group become an important domestic Dunhuang Studies publishing base and a gathering place for the Dunhuang Studies digital resource library.