[Explanation] On September 7th, the Third Experimental Primary School in Junxian County, Hebi City, Henan Province invited flood fighting warriors to teach the students the first lesson. After the "Heroes of Flood Fighting" theme class meeting, the students rushed to sign their names first, and the scene became large in seconds. Star Chasing Club".

  [Explanation] Since late July, many rounds of heavy rains hit Henan and caused floods. Serious waterlogging occurred in many places in Hebi City. Fire, armed police and local rescue forces made emergency rescues.

  [Explanation] After a lapse of more than a month, in the first class of the No. 3 Experimental Primary School in Junxian County, Chief Sergeant Wang Chunbao, Hebi Detachment, Henan Corps of the Armed Police, shared his situation in which the mobile network was paralyzed during the flood fight. Next, he led the communication team to fight for ten days and nine nights, ensuring smooth communication, providing strong support for early reconnaissance, leadership decision-making, and commanding deployment. He was awarded the Medal of Anti-Flood Warrior and personal commendation.

  [Concurrent] Chen Yuxuan, student of the Third Experimental Primary School in Junxian County, Henan Province

  After listening to Uncle Wang's anti-flood story, my heart couldn't be calm for a long time.

In the face of the ruthless flood, it was you who made me understand that "there is no time to be quiet, it is someone who is carrying the weight for us to move forward".

It was you who showed me what a hero looks like. I will definitely study hard in the future and be a person who will be useful to the society and the motherland in the future.

  [Commentary] After listening to the flood fighting stories of the warriors fighting the floods, the students admired them all.

After class, I rushed to find them for autographs, and the scene became a large-scale "star chaser" in seconds.

  [Concurrent] Wang Chunbao, monitor of Hebi Detachment, Henan Armed Police Corps

  I told the students the story of fighting the floods of the Hebi Detachment of the Armed Police Force. Through the students asking for autographs and taking photos with me, I deeply realized that the students' advocacy of the military profession is the most profound experience I have experienced since I joined the army 27 years ago. Once.

  [Explanation] During the anti-flood period, Junxian No. 3 Experimental Primary School was a camp for armed police officers and soldiers. When the mission was over, the officers and soldiers produced blackboard newspapers for the students to encourage them to study hard. The students also made paintings for the officers and soldiers.

Today, Junxian No. 3 Experimental Primary School uses the form of the first lesson of school to let children remember the mutual support of people from all walks of life in society and the responsibility of the people's children in times of crisis.

  [Concurrent] Guo Xiaowei, Principal of the Third Experimental Primary School in Junxian County, Henan Province

  The first lesson of school heralds a new beginning and new hope.

In the first lesson of school, we educate the children to start with small daily things and daily behavioral norms to transform patriotic feelings into concrete actions.

  Li Chaoqing Yuan Haoxiangyu Wenchenxin reports from Henan

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]