Last month, three Vietnamese men and women living in Tokyo were suspected of exercising counterfeit currency in a case where a fake old 10,000-yen note with a portrait of Prince Shotoku was found at a convenience store in Tokyo. I found out that I was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department.

In Tokyo, since the 21st of last month, convenience stores and drug stores have reported that "the old 10,000 yen bill, which seems to be a fake, has been used", and according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, a total of about 110 sheets have been received at about 100 stores so far. Found.

All of them are delicately made with a portrait of Prince Shotoku, such as a watermark, but a non-existent serial number starting with the alphabet "PS" is printed, and as a result of partial appraisal, It turned out to be a fake bill.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating by analyzing the images of the security cameras in the store, but among them, all of them are Vietnamese men and women in their 20s living in Tokyo, alleging that they used counterfeit notes at four convenience stores in Nakano Ward. Interviews with investigators revealed that a person was arrested on suspicion of exercising counterfeit currency.

The three people acted separately, used one counterfeit note at each store, made small purchases such as water, and received a change of nearly 10,000 yen.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating suspected involvement in other stores, and is investigating the routes for obtaining counterfeit notes in detail.