On September 7, the Three Gorges Dam opened a hole for flood discharge.

Affected by heavy rainfall, the inflow of the Mintuo River, Jialing River and the Three Gorges on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River increased. At 14:00 on the 6th, the inflow of the Three Gorges into the reservoir rose to 54,000 cubic meters per second.

According to the "Regulations on Flood Numbering of Major Rivers in the Country", the flood numbering standard was reached, and the "Yangtze River No. 1 Flood in 2021" was formed in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

The Three Gorges Reservoir opened a spillway at 19:00 on the 6th, and the outflow flow rate was 28,000 cubic meters per second (including the generating flow rate of the unit).

(Photo by drone) Photo by Nie Shuang sent by China News Agency

Release time: 2021-09-07 12:11:57 【Editor: Li Peiyun】