Two lion cubs were born on August 22 at the Amnéville zoo, in Moselle, the park announced in a video posted on Facebook and relayed by France Bleu Lorraine Nord.

A real surprise for the staff and the caretakers, who did not expect such an event, given the advanced age of the father.

The latter, baptized Helios, is in fact 17 years old, while a male lion only survives on average until the age of 12 in its natural environment.

This birth also took place under the eyes of visitors, "stunned by this magnificent spectacle of nature", specifies the zoo.

"The population of lions in their natural environment is decreasing, from 100,000 in the 1970s, they are only 35,000 in 2021 and this birth is a hope for the conservation of the species", estimates the Moselle park.

A call to find the first names

The birth of the lion cubs took place in the presence of Helios, who should have been kept away from the mother, Isis, to avoid any incident.

But the father took care of the babies, much to the astonishment of the caregivers.

Today, the two little felines are doing well and weigh 3 kg each.

“The first few days are always a delicate period, so we preferred to put the little ones and their mothers in a building out of sight.

They are under the constant surveillance of caretakers and veterinarians, ”says the zoo.

The latter plans to launch a call on social networks to find a first name for his two new residents.


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