"Mum, Dad, do you have 10 euros to give me?"


A question frequently asked at the start of the school year, and which often convinces parents to set rules for the year regarding the granting of pocket money to their offspring.

But not easy to know at what age to start paying a small nest egg for your child, or how much.

Often, we copy what is happening in the families we come into contact with.

Hoping that this first experience of management goes well for the children, that it teaches them the value of things, but also to have fun.

And you, at what age did you decide to give pocket money to your children, and why?

How did you decide on the amount?

Do your children have a withdrawal card or a credit card?

Are they on budget or are they asking for extensions?

Do you control how they manage their finances or let them be on your own?

Tell us !

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