The eldest daughter of Seol Soo-hyun, a former Miss Korea broadcaster, explained the past broadcasts for the first time in six years.

Recently, when a netizen uploaded a scene from JTBC's 'Children's Boys' in which Seol Soo-hyeon appeared with her three children, Seol Soo-hyun's first daughter Lee Ga-ye posted an article saying, "I never thought that my mother was discriminated against."

The video of 'Yu-Child's Boyfriend', which became a problem, shows Seol Soo-hyun's favoritism toward the youngest son compared to her two daughters. Seol Soo-hyun treated her two daughters harshly when they asked to buy pizza, but showed soft and friendly words and actions to the youngest son's request, making it feel like she was being discriminated against.

Lee Ga-ye, who became a senior in high school this year, said, "There were a lot of exaggerations in the content of the video. Due to the nature of the broadcast of 'Accusing Parents', I had to shoot to highlight the conflict between mother and daughter, but then and now, there was no problem at all, so I had to decide on the concept." explained

He also said, "When I had a meeting with the writers, the first concept that came up was 'Adolescent rebellious girl', but my mother was afraid that I would be criticized, so I first suggested that I go with a 'mother who favors only sons'." There was a lot of criticism each time it happened, but at that time, the program was still on air, so it was difficult to explain anything. But now that the broadcast is over, I want to say that I have never experienced any discrimination. Please refrain from it,” he added.

With these clarifications, Lee Ga-ye's 'A part of the script of 'Yu Ja-sik Sang-palja' was also released.

A netizen who saw this replied, "Thank you for coming out and explaining this directly, and I will delete the post if you want."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)