The recently launched "Yunnan Worm Valley" and the just-completed "You Are My Glory", the two dramas seem unrelated to each other, but they have one thing in common-the title is written by Pan Yueming .

The "Ideal City" that is being broadcast, the four words "Ideal City" appearing in the opening of the movie are also handwritten by the starring Sun Li.

The title of the film is equivalent to the plaque of a work, and its style must not only complement the content of the work, but also be unique and full of new ideas.

Nowadays, more and more film and television titles are written in handwriting, and celebrities, font designers, calligraphers, etc. have made their titles. Title writing is becoming a science.

  Qilu Evening News, Qilu One Point Reporter Liu Yuhan

  A win-win for celebrities and works

  The web drama "Yunnan Worm Valley" starring Pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi, and Jiang Chao has been launched recently. This is another masterpiece of the "Ghost Blowing Lantern" IP.

This work is the same as the predecessors of the "Ghost Blowing Lantern" series "Longling Miku" and "Angry Qingxiangxi". The title of the film was inscribed by the lead actor Pan Yueming, and his powerful pen style received another wave of praise.

What is a bit surprising is that the title of the hit drama "You Are My Glory" that just ended, this sweet pet idol drama was also inscribed by Pan Yueming.

The different styles of the two indicate that Pan Yueming can control a wide range of calligraphy styles.

  Pan Yueming learned calligraphy and painting from an early age under the influence of his father. He was recommended to the Beijing Key Middle School Yucai Middle School for winning a drawing competition.

After becoming an actor, Pan Yueming has never given up his expertise in calligraphy and painting.

He is used to writing, drawing, and painting after work, and then sleeping. Sometimes he is too addicted to it, and the day is bright as time goes by.

Over the years, Pan Yueming has been accustomed to publishing his paintings and calligraphy works on Weibo from time to time. This has cultivated a group of "calligraphy and calligraphy fans". He often comes to Weibo to watch his new paintings and calligraphy works, and urges him to practice calligraphy more frequently. .

Now Pan Yueming has changed the display of his Weibo mobile phone model to "Weibo Days is a better artist". Calligraphy and painting are about to become as important as actors.

  When "Ideal City" just started broadcasting, Sun Li couldn't help but announced on Weibo: "I am proud to tell you that I wrote the title of Ideal City." She also shared her own practice. In order to write the four characters "ideal city" well, she wrote by hand no less than 49 times.

Sun Li usually likes to write seal script and official script, but the director felt that these fonts were too traditional and not suitable for the modern drama atmosphere of "Ideal City", so she gave her a few reference examples. In the end, Sun Li successfully broke through her calligraphy blind spot and wrote the director. The feeling you want.

"The director liked it after watching it, and used it in the end. I was also very encouraged."

  Because of shooting costume dramas all the year round, Sun Li began to learn calligraphy and became a teacher of the painter and calligrapher Tong Yanfang of the Chinese Painting Academy. In recent years, his calligraphy skills have improved day by day.

Some time ago, Sun Li also participated in the solo exhibition of Tong Yanfang with a 300-word official script "Heart Sutra". Netizens praised his skill in calligraphy.

At the same time, many netizens regained their calligraphy hobbies under the leadership of Sun Li, rushing to publish their calligraphy works on her Weibo, and give homework to the "Niang Niang".

  There are many stars in the show business who are good at calligraphy. In the early years, Xu Jinglei was more famous. She once wrote the title of the movie "Me and Dad" starring in her, and developed the delicate "Fangzheng Jinglei Body".

Andy Lau is a "sweeper monk" in the performing arts circle. He has written titles for films such as "Slaying the Wolf", "Ink Attack", "Di Renjie", "Rescue Mr.", and "The Crowd", and he has hidden merits and names.

Zu Feng, a powerful actor who has appeared in film and television dramas such as "Hidden", "No War in Peking", "Mountain and Sea Love", is also a calligraphy lover. Write letters to family, friends and lovers.

In 2019, he was invited by Cao Dun, director of "The Twelve Hours of Chang'an", to write the title of the show and the opening of each episode.

In order to reflect the quaint temperament of "The Twelve Hours of Chang'an", he chose the Wei stele body, and the final presentation effect is quite meaningful.

  It is a win-win situation for a star to write a title for a film and television work. This not only brings publicity stunts and exposure to the work itself, but also accumulates goodwill for the star himself and enhances its cultural image.

  Writer and calligrapher

  In July of this year, type designer Shang Wei passed away in a car accident at the age of 30.

This unfortunate news made people know about Shang Wei's design works and also about the profession of type designer.

Shang Wei has written titles and created subtitle fonts for film and television works such as "I'm Not the God of Medicine", "The Demon Boy of Nezha", "The Unknown Person", "The Legend of Wukong", "Fireworks in the Day", and "Military Commander League". The font "Handwritten by Han Yi Shangwei" used in posters, variety shows, and film and television works is also his handwriting.

  Shang Wei developed the "Han Yi Shang Wei Handbook" font package as early as 26 years old.

He spent a full 28 days, handwriting for more than 10 hours a day, designing the 9169 Chinese characters in the conventional font library one by one.

Most of the font library design is processed by computer, and then arranged and combined.

And Shang Wei insisted on handwriting, so he was called "the pioneer of handwriting font industry" by the industry.

Later, he successively completed Hanyi Shangwei Qingcha Body, Hanyi Shangwei Youth Body, Hanyi Shangwei Magic Body, Hanyi Shangwei Magic Cube, Hanyi Shangwei Freedom, Hanyi Shangwei Wilderness, Hanyi Shangwei When I was young, I waited for more than 20 sets of fonts, which are widely used in billboards, food packaging, variety shows, film and television works and other fields.

So many netizens say: "You may not know Shang Wei, but you must have read his words."

  In 2018, the production team of the movie "I'm Not the God of Medicine" approached him, and Shang Wei became a special type designer for the movie.

Most movie productions use existing fonts and purchase copyrights for design. Shang Wei not only inscribed the title of this film "I am not a medicine god", but also customized an exclusive handwritten font for the opening and ending subtitles.

After watching the film and interacting with the director Wen Muye, he decided to make a quiet expression in the font, writing a little better, and the two hit it off.

  Shang Wei's fonts have also been controversial and criticized by some traditional calligraphy enthusiasts as "Jianghu style".

But he believes that he is not creating "calligraphy", but just "writing".

"I dare not say that the characters I write can be called calligraphy. The level of calligraphy is too high. I may not be able to achieve it for more than 20 years. As for the reason why I have persisted for so many years, I think it is a kind of warmth. Things, especially in this age of the Internet, the trivial matter of writing words on paper is extraordinarily pure."

  There are also real calligraphers who have joined the ranks of film and television title creation, such as Xu Jing, who is known as Zhang Yimou's "Queen Use" calligrapher.

Xu Jing began to study calligraphy when she was 5 years old, and she entered Nanjing University of the Arts to study graphic design when she was in college, and then she studied for a master's degree in law. She studied under calligraphy master Huang Dun and is now a full-time calligrapher in Nanjing Academy of Painting and Calligraphy.

She and Zhang Yimou began to collaborate with "Happy Time"; later, she not only inscribed the title of "Hero", but also acted as Tony Leung's calligraphy teacher and calligraphy stand-in. In the film, Tony Leung wrote 3 meters wide and 4 meters long with a broken sword. The word "sword" was completed by Xu Jing; in the movie "Shadow", Xu Jing wrote a single word "shadow" with both strength and elegance; Zhang Yimou's new work "One Second" and "Above the Cliff" etc. All titles were created by Xu Jing.

Xu Jing also inscribed the title of Chen Kexin's film "Martial Arts" and served as Zhang Ziyi's calligraphy teacher in Wong Kar Wai's film "The Great Master".

  The reason why Xu Jing's works have always been favored by celebrities is that her writing style has bold innovations based on solid basic skills, combining tradition and modernity.

Her domineering and unrestrained style is very suitable for the majestic momentum of the big director's film.

Her professional skills in graphic design can create a strong visual impact and become a magical touch in the visual symbols of movies.