The seaway is the new El Dorado for drug traffickers.

The proof ... Last Wednesday, the police got their hands in Martinique on the cargo of a boat that was carrying 650 kg of cocaine.

Seven people have been arrested in flagrante delicto, the head of Ofast in the Caribbean told AFP on Monday.

On the basis of information, the investigators followed the arrival on the Vauclin beach of a fishing boat equipped with powerful engines until the unloading of its cargo, said the divisional commissioner Alexis Huguet, head of the Ofast branch (office in charge of the fight against drug trafficking) in the Caribbean.

A van came to collect the goods.

In total, 650 kg of cocaine distributed in several bales.

Once the van hit the road, the police intervened in the act and arrested its three occupants, while their colleagues stopped those of the boat, still on the beach.

In total, 7 people, six Martinicans and a Venezuelan, were arrested and referred Sunday to the judicial court of Fort-de-France.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the boat came from Venezuela.

The cargo, whose analysis (to determine the degree of purity, in particular) was in progress, would represent, according to Commissioner Huguet, several thousand euros for resale.


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