Reporter: Translated by Wang Tian

  "Stars can be searched by a dog. If we fight against fraud and propagate the hot search every day, many people will know how to prevent it." "Stars" give power to anti-fraud propaganda.

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The picture shows the anti-fraud police officer Chen Guoping connected with the anchor to promote anti-fraud knowledge in the live webcast.

Network screenshot

  On September 3, Chen Guoping, an anti-electric fraud police officer of the Haigang Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, had more than 21 million live viewers on the online platform. The total number of viewers in the live broadcast room of the anchors participating in Lianmai exceeded 100 million, and the total interactive volume reached more than 80 million. The number of short video broadcasts that have been reprocessed according to the live broadcast has exceeded 100 million, and he has become a real "star."

  At noon on the 5th, a reporter from interviewed Chen Guoping by phone.

  Chen Guoping, 43 years old this year, began his anti-fraud work in 2018.

In the past few years, he has handled many fraud cases and met many victims. Their identical experience of being deceived and the painful lessons deeply hurt him.

  For telecom fraud, prevention and crackdown are equally important.

“Offline propaganda can carry out targeted propaganda to the masses or specific groups in a certain area. Although the effect is good, the propaganda has more limitations.” Chen Guoping said, in addition to handling the case, he began to carefully ponder how to promote science more effectively Anti-fraud knowledge and improve the public's awareness of prevention.

  In 2020, with the approval of the unit, he registered official accounts such as the "Qinhuangdao Seaport District's Center for Combating New Types of Telecommunication Network Crimes" and "Qinhuangdao Seaport Sub-bureau Criminal Police Squadron" and other official accounts on multiple online platforms, and maintained "multiple The belief that one person enters the live broadcast room and one less person is deceived" started the Internet anti-fraud propaganda.

Source: Screenshot of @警官老陈 Weibo

  Considering the boring and dogmatic explanation of real cases in the live broadcast room could not arouse the interest of netizens, he began to interpret the situations he encountered in actual cases and the more typical telecommunication fraud cases into skits, and brought friends around. , Wrote and directed and acted a number of anti-fraud skits, and named them "Seaport Anti-fraud Theater", which attracted many netizens to praise and comment.

  In order to expand the influence of anti-fraud propaganda, Chen Guoping racked his brains. He made exquisite keychains and distributed them to netizens for free from time to time in the live broadcast room.

"Don't let lies, pry away your original defensive heart..." In August this year, he also recorded the song "Please stay away from the scam" MV with singer Yang Xiaozhuang and others.

  In the anti-fraud popular science live broadcast, Chen Guoping randomly connects with users to listen to their experience of being deceived and promote anti-fraud knowledge.

"Although he is very serious in the live broadcast, he is also an ordinary person in life. I hope to get along with the vast number of netizens. And only by integrating with everyone, can we understand the demands of the vast number of netizens more and serve everyone better." Chen Guoping said.

  However, just as he exhausted his own efforts to try to get more people to pay attention to anti-fraud propaganda, in April this year, a celebrity revealed that he was dating her husband in the toilet after her daughter fell asleep. This caused a hot search. Chen Guoping sighed: "Can this also be on the hot search?" Chen Guoping said that at that time, he wished he could become a "star" too, so that he could make anti-fraud propaganda more powerful.

  Today, Chen Guoping's "star dream" has come true.

  "The more attention he receives, the greater the responsibility on his shoulders." Chen Guoping said that in the future, no matter what position he is in, whether he retires or not, as long as his body permits, he will continue to carry out anti-fraud propaganda.

  "I am planning to shoot anti-fraud serials and will continue to write anti-fraud theme songs. If conditions permit, I will also broadcast live, interact with the media, and use all the methods I can think of to promote anti-fraud knowledge." Chen Guoping said that society is progressing and the ways of fraud by criminals have been changing. As long as the fraud still exists, his work will not end.

"There is still a long way to go for anti-fraud propaganda. I will take the courage to take it, regardless of gains and losses, and continue to move forward."