If successful, the first attempt in Japan began at a zoo in Nagano City.

The river otter, which joined the ranks from last month, and the orangutan, which lives in the same habitat in the natural world, will be bred and released together.

Two male brothers, one and two years old, the river otter, have just arrived from Kagoshima City Zoo to Nagano City Chausuyama Zoo in late August and are not open to the public.

At the zoo, we have begun an attempt to raise and publish the brother of the river otter and the orangutan, which lives in the same Southeast Asia in nature.

On the 2nd, which was a memorable first meeting through the glass, when the orangutan noticed the river otter in the glass, he approached and stared at it, hitting the glass and listening to the reaction in a fidgety manner. ..

On the other hand, the river otter stared at the orangutan approaching through the glass in a curious manner from beginning to end.

In order to breed and open to the public together, the zoo is creating an environment where you can spend time in a form close to nature, and if you succeed in coexisting with orangutans and river otters, it will be the first time in Japan.

Nanako Tarui, the zookeeper in charge, said, "I was a little surprised and excited about the orangutans. I want them to carefully shorten the distance so that they can spend time with each other."