Singer Lee Su-mi, a popular singer in the 1970s who sang hit songs such as 'Girls' High School', died at the age of 69 while battling lung cancer.

According to the bereaved family and the music industry today (3rd), Su-mi Lee was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in December last year and passed away yesterday while fighting the disease at Severance Hospital in Sinchon, Seoul.

Lee Su-mi was born in Yeongam, Jeollanam-do in 1952, and debuted in 1969 with her real name, Lee Hwa-ja, with the release of 'Even If You Gone'.

After that, she released 'Late Regrets' in 1970 under her stage name Lee Su-mi, followed by 'A Bird Crying at Night' (1971) and 'The Hometown I Left Behind' (1972). As it became a song, it rose to the top star ranks.

He enjoyed high popularity with his husky and appealing voice, and won the 'Falling Leaves Award', which is given to male and female new singers with the most outstanding performances during the year, the TBC 7th Singer Award, and the MBC 10th Singer Award in succession.

In addition, it dominated the 1970s with many hit songs such as 'Stay by my side', 'Bellbird', 'The Will of Love', and 'Only'.

Park Seong-seo, a popular music critic, said, "He was a singer who made full use of a charming voice like the words 'A enchanting husky with sweet sadness' written on the fan cafe.

Sumi Lee resumed her activities as a popular singer by releasing a new album 'In Another World' in 2003, and also engaged in gospel singing activities while living a Christian life.

He was also interested in protecting the rights and interests of singers and served as a director and auditor of the Korea Singers Association.

Even while she was fighting the disease in May, Lee Su-mi did not lose her passion for singing, releasing a new song 'On This Starry Night' (lyrics by Sun-young Ahn, composed by Lee Dong-hoon, arranged by Choi Chun-ho).

The funeral is at Sinchon Severance Hospital Funeral Hall (B1), Room 3, and the funeral is at 11 am on the 5th.

(Photo = Lee Soo-mi's side, provided by Park Seong-seo, popular music critic, Yonhap News)