China News Service, Wuhan, September 3 (Liu Xiao and Xu Jinbo) In view of the current severe and complex flood control situation in the Han River Basin, the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Commission (referred to as the "Yangtze River Committee") decided according to the "Prevention Plan for Flood and Drought Disaster Prevention in the Yangtze River Basin (Trial)" From 14:00 on the 2nd, the emergency response of level IV for flood and drought disaster prevention was upgraded to level III.

  On September 2, the Yangtze River Committee held a conference to analyze and judge the development trend of continuous heavy rainfall in the Yangtze River Basin, and arrange the deployment of the Han River autumn flood defense work.

According to reports, since August 21, the upper and middle reaches of the Han River have experienced three heavy rains. Affected by this, the Danjiangkou Reservoir has experienced three significant floods, of which the largest flood peak since 2012 occurred on August 30. The flow rate is 23,400 cubic meters per second.

  At 6 o'clock on September 2nd, the Danjiangkou Reservoir's inflow flow was 16,400 cubic meters per second, and the discharge flow was about 7,300 cubic meters per second. The reservoir water level rose to 165.5 meters, the highest level in the same period in history.

Although the Danjiangkou Reservoir played a huge role in blocking floods and cutting peaks, affected by the water coming from the Danhuang Section, the peak discharge of Huangzhuang Station, the main control station in the middle and lower reaches of the Han River, reached 11,800 cubic meters per second on September 2, and the river below Huangzhuang The section will exceed the warning water level across the board.

  According to consultation and analysis, there will still be heavy rainfall in the upper reaches of the Hanjiang River from September 3 to 6. The Danjiangkou Reservoir will have another major flood process with a peak flow exceeding 20,000 cubic meters per second around September 7. The water level of the Danjiangkou Reservoir will rise further and the Hanjiang River The section below Huangzhuang, the main stream of the middle and lower reaches, will continue to operate above the warning water level, and the water level of some sections will be close to or even exceed the guaranteed water level.

  The meeting emphasized that all relevant departments and units must strictly follow the emergency response requirements, stick to their posts, perform their duties seriously, start from the most unfavourable situation, take effective and effective measures, go all out to do the autumn flood defense work, and effectively protect the lives and property of the people. Safety.

First, we must continue to adhere to rolling monitoring and forecasting and rolling consultation and analysis. In the near future, we must pay special attention to the development of water and rain conditions in the Hanjiang River Basin and the Jialing River and Minjiang River Basin, and issue early warning information in a timely manner.

  Second, we must scientifically dispatch water projects, coordinate the safety of upstream and downstream flood control, take into account the safety of reservoirs after floods, keep a close eye on the inflow of controlled reservoirs such as the Three Gorges, Danjiangkou, and Jinsha River cascades, and optimize and adjust the dispatch plan in time according to changes in water and rain conditions. Give full play to the comprehensive benefits of the reservoir group.

  Third, we must continue to strengthen the supervision of project safety operation, especially the inspection and defensive work of the Danjiangkou reservoir area and the middle and lower reaches of the Han River dikes, and layer responsibilities to ensure safety during floods.

  Fourth, we must continue to provide technical support for flood fighting and rescue, pre-position technical forces, and dispatch working groups and expert groups as needed to assist and guide local governments in storm and flood prevention and emergency response work. At the same time, we must strengthen the coordination and linkage between the front and the rear to provide timely delivery to the front. Technical Support.

  According to the consultation opinion, in order to control the rise of the reservoir water level and effectively prevent subsequent floods, the Yangtze River Committee issued a dispatch order to adjust the discharge flow from the Danjiangkou Reservoir to the middle and lower reaches of the Han River to 8,100 cubic meters per second from 14:00 on the 2nd.

The Defense Bureau of the Yangtze River Committee organized the rolling preparation of the recent Three Gorges, Danjiangkou and other reservoir dispatch plans, and reported them to the Flood and Drought Disaster Prevention Department of the Ministry of Water Resources.

  At the request of the Hubei Provincial Department of Water Resources, the Yangtze River Commission sent a working group in the early stage, and sent an additional expert team from the Ministry of Water Resources, headed by Xiong Zebin, deputy chief engineer of the Yangtze River Design Group, to Shiyan City, Hubei Province overnight on September 1. Xi County assisted in guiding the emergency relief work of reservoirs.