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Pedro Almodóvar

said this Wednesday at the "Parallel Mothers" press conference at the 78th Venice International Film Festival that "historical memory is a pending issue in Spanish society" and that it has

"an enormous moral debt to families of the disappeared "


"In Spain, until the debt with the disappeared is paid, we will not be able to close our recent history and what happened in the Civil War", declared the filmmaker at the presentation of the film with which the official competition of the Mostra opens today.

Starring Penelope Cruz, Milena Smit, Aitana Sánchez Gijón and Israel Elejalde,

"Parallel Mothers"

intersects the theme of motherhood, in its most imperfect facet, and female sisterhood with the common graves of the Civil War and historical memory.

The main plot revolves around the relationship between two women, a more mature one (Janis, Penélope Cruz) and a young woman (Ana, Milena Smit) who coincide giving birth in the hospital, which creates a special bond between them.

In addition, Janis, a professional photographer raised by her grandmother, is determined to fulfill her last wish and find the remains of her



grandfather shot

and buried in a ditch at the beginning of the war, for which she will have the help of Arturo (Israel Elejalde) , forensic anthropologist.

In an initial moment of the plot, Almodóvar puts in the mouth of the character of Penélope Cruz the critical quote of a phrase that the then Prime Minister

Mariano Rajoy

said in his day,

boasting that in the general state budgets there were "zero euros" for historical memory.

"It seems to me the height of clumsiness coming from someone who presides over a government and a superlative insult



said Almodóvar.

"One of the advantages of cinema is that it survives us and at least in that film he will be eternally linked to that phrase of such bad taste and so harmful," he added.

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