A volunteer firefighter settled for a few hours on Tuesday, with a tent, on the roof of a building of his barracks in Ablis (Yvelines), to protest against the compulsory vaccination which he refuses.

A local resident had reported that a firefighter had settled early in the morning on a building site of the barracks in the small town of Ablis, near Saint-Arnoult, more than 60 km southwest of Paris.

The man came back down at midday, after negotiating with the police, said the Yvelines gendarmes.

He is safe and sound.

"No to compulsory vaccination"

This firefighter, who presents himself on YouTube as a 46-year-old father, has just submitted his resignation.

He intended to go on a hunger strike to protest against compulsory vaccination.

He published in the morning a video filmed on the roof in which he explains his fight.

"One day you are a firefighter, the next day you are less than nothing because you refuse to be vaccinated", he says in front of the camera while showing a sign where it is written: "In order to show my dismay face to the unfair and discriminatory measures of our government, I will only feed on water.

No to compulsory vaccination for children.

No to compulsory vaccination for firefighters and caregivers ”.

72% of firefighters received at least one dose

In a press release relayed by 78 Actu, the Sdis des Yvelines reacted to the action of its firefighter: “Although Warrant Officer Sabatier is a volunteer firefighter very committed within the Corps and with deep human values, the Sdis 78 could not let him persevere in his action. […] Sdis 78, in application of the law, does everything in its power to meet this obligation [of vaccination], while making life as easy as possible for all of its personnel and firefighters. having to comply with these obligations. "

From September 15, firefighters, professionals as well as volunteers, will have to be vaccinated against Covid-19, in the same way as caregivers, for example.

According to the Interior Ministry, 72% of firefighters, including nearly 100% of professionals, had received at least one dose of vaccine by August 20 (against 54% a week earlier).


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