Mr. Sakurada, the secretary-general of the Keizai Doyukai, said that it is important to distribute the vaccine to the people about the worsening infection situation of the new coronavirus, and it is time to discuss the mandatory vaccination. Showed the recognition.

At a regular meeting on the 31st, Keizai Doyukai's secretary-general said, "The economy as a whole is not bad because the manufacturing industry is pulling, but distribution, accommodation, etc. The industry, such as transportation, is extremely bad, so the feelings of the people are not radiant. Immediate measures should be taken to save the suffering companies. "

On top of that, Secretary-general Sakurada said, "The most important thing for a full-scale economic recovery is to distribute vaccines. I want the government to show the status of vaccination in near real time and when it is possible to get out of the tunnel." I asked.

In addition, Secretary-general Sakurada said, "In addition to the utilization of the so-called'vaccine passport'that proves vaccination, the government should discuss more about the mandatory vaccination," and it is time to discuss the mandatory vaccination. I showed the recognition that I was coming to.