We have known that there is no Nazism in Ukraine for at least seven years.

Our wonderful compatriots share this wonderful news with us at every opportunity.

We object, pointing to numerous evidences not only of his presence, but also of his absolute diktat in the social and political life of Ukraine.

This is how we exist: they are in their parallel world, and we are in reality.

There would be no problem here if the Ukrainian Nazis were just cardboard tin soldiers.

However, Nazism is not just a figure of speech.

It necessarily transforms the entire mechanics of state life, forcing the state to commit a huge number of various actions, criminal in one way or another: from the oppression of the Russian-speaking community to the murder of Russian people living in the wrong territories.

So, another story that there is something like that in Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada is the Ukrainian parliament. In theory, this is a government body that should be especially sensitive when taking into account the mood of the majority of the population. Okay, the Nazis - they are the vanguard of evil, rudeness, cruelty and the ability to commit various kinds of crimes in full confidence in their right to destroy other people's lives. But the people's representatives are a completely different matter. Their every step is associated with the highest responsibility for people's lives, their mood, the ability to live on, counting on the fact that the future will be at least a couple of millimeters better than the present. Thanks to them - those who were chosen. Let's see how this happens.

The Verkhovna Rada publishing house has published a book praising Taras Borovets.

The title of the book is quite heroic: "Taras Bulba-Borovets: We cannot stop our struggle for a minute."

It is clear that very few of us this name will say at least something.

But in general, this man served with the Germans during the Great Patriotic War.

And he did not just serve, but worked conscientiously.

This remarkable man headed the “Poliska Sich” militia unit, which together with the Nazis exterminated Jews in the Sarny region.

In 1941, soldiers under the command of Borovets participated with the Germans in the execution of more than 500 men, women and children in Olevsk.

Not a word is said about this in the published book.

This is another feature of the Nazi ideology in Ukraine. The guys there know that shooting Jews in Babi Yar or elsewhere, burning people in Belarus is not a very honorable thing by today's standards. But now this is not a stain on the biography, but rather secret merits, which, for the sake of time, can be ignored, but they constitute the glorious context of the hero's general deeds. That is, the authors of the book are well aware of all aspects of the hero's activity, but they are ready to omit some of them so as not to draw too much attention to what some Western partners may find inconvenient and even unacceptable.

This is not the most egregious case at all.

Just one of the.

The routine of parliamentary life.

If you want to know more about how Nazism arranged life in Ukraine, take a look at Donbass, where the war unleashed by Kiev has been going on for more than seven years.

Where yesterday the Ukrainian artillery beat in the center of Horlivka, as a result of which two kids were wounded.

I will repeat it once again just in case: Nazism is not some extravagant and marginal element of Ukrainian politics, it, in fact, is this policy.

And he needs human sacrifices.




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