• The Muslim school outside the Al-Badr contract has been the subject since this summer of a report to the public prosecutor of Toulouse for breaches of obligations in administrative and pedagogical matters.

  • If it is not an administrative closure, the parents of the 130 students have the obligation to enroll their children in another establishment.

  • The Al-Badr school had already been in the sights of National Education in 2016 for similar reasons.

    And it is not the only one, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, the Boutons d'Or school has also been reported.

More than five years after the first reports to the courts, a Muslim school in Toulouse is again in the sights of the National Education.

In December 2016, the closure of the Al-Badr school, an establishment outside the contract, was ordered by the Toulouse Criminal Court for "non-compliance with the teaching of the common base of National Education".

Two years later, the court of appeal reversed this judgment and acquitted AbdelFattah Rahhoui, its director, who was criticized by the national education services for giving more places to Koranic teaching than to geography or mathematics.

A new association had meanwhile carried the reopening of the Avicenna-Al Badr school.

Pedagogical and administrative shortcomings

During this summer, the rector of the Toulouse academy again reported this establishment, which has 130 primary and secondary school students, to the public prosecutor "for obvious administrative and educational shortcomings" , Mostafa Fourar said at a back-to-school press conference on Monday morning.

“For example, scientific lessons could not take place, because the premises are cramped.

On the administrative level, we noticed that the registers were not respected, the follow-up of the pupils either.

It is up to the public prosecutor to decide on the follow-up to be given to this case, we have the obligation to inform the parents that they have the obligation to educate their children in other establishments and we are available for them. help, ”said the representative of National Education.

For the time being, therefore, it is not an administrative closure, which is the sole responsibility of justice.

"It's a new structure, but these are the same observations that we make and where we find problems, behind it are the same people", continues Mostafa Fourar.

AbdelFattah Rahhoui, its sometimes controversial founder "experienced a judicial and political fierceness," said Samim Bolaky, his lawyer during his release in 2018.

A school also reported in the Hautes-Pyrénées

The Al-Badr school is not the only one to have been brought to justice during the summer by the academic services.

The primary school “Boutons d'Or”, in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, was the subject of three checks and serious breaches according to the rector.

Thus, in this associative structure of 67 students which uses the Steiner-Waldorf method, no teaching of mathematics, science or technology was provided according to the National Education.

And other schools could also be reported in the coming weeks.

“We will be firm whenever the education of young people is not assured, or the conditions are not met to achieve the requirement that we have for our students.

The new law allows us to have a legal framework to act, ”concludes the rector of the Toulouse Academy, Mostafa Fourar.


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