Due to a mistake that Saitama Prefecture over-announced home recuperators for the new coronavirus, the prefecture revealed that the number of people who announced more than the actual number reached 6,625 as a result of the investigation.

Saitama Prefecture announced on the 24th of this month that it had over-announced the number of home care recipients infected with the new coronavirus.

The number of people who had been over-announced was estimated to be in the thousands, but the prefecture revealed on the 30th that it was 6625.

Of these, 4994 people, three-quarters of the total, only contacted the private "accommodation / home caregiver support center" entrusted with health observation by the prefecture that the home care period had ended, and the health center. It was because I didn't report to.

For the remaining 1631 people, the health center's ledger did not state that they had completed their home care, and it is not known whether the support center did not report or the health center did not reflect the support center's report. That is.

The prefecture says that the background of this mistake was the tightness of the work of the support center and the public health center, and that it will try to prevent recurrence by outsourcing the work to other companies.

The number of home recuperators in the prefecture has already been corrected, reaching 10,664 as of the 29th.