From the rise in the price of gas to aid to businesses, here is what changes on September 1:

Increase in gas prices:

The regulated sales tariff (TRV) for natural gas sold by Engie will increase by 8.7% (or 7.9% including tax) on September 1, due in particular to the increase in world prices.

This increase, in line with the trend of recent months, will be 2.7% for customers using gas for cooking, 5.5% for those who have dual use, cooking and hot water, and 9% for those who use gas for cooking. gas-heated fireplaces.

Three days of telework possible for civil servants

Public officials will be able to telework for a maximum of three days a week under a framework agreement signed in mid-July by the nine trade unions, public employers and the government.

This agreement has the particularity of being binding on employers, which is not the case with the national inter-professional agreement signed in the private sector. 

For state and hospital public services, the agreement provides for lump-sum compensation for teleworking costs up to a maximum of “220 euros per year”.

Local authorities have until December 31 to negotiate locally.

On the other hand, there will no longer be a “minimum number of days” of teleworking required by the State in private companies.

A new protocol will allow "the management of the company, in discussion with employee representatives, to define the rules for teleworking", announced Monday the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne.

Ceiling for restaurant vouchers doubled for another six months

The doubling of the daily cap for meal vouchers when they are used in restaurants is extended until February 28, 2022. It therefore remains at 38 euros, instead of 19, for the next six months.

This measure aims to support the activity of the sector, particularly put to the test by the health crisis linked to the Covid 19 epidemic.

Restaurant vouchers for 2020 expire on September 1

You only have Tuesday left to use them.

Netflix increases its prices

For Netflix & chill, you'll have to pay more.

The monthly cost of the basic subscription for a screen, called "Essential", will cost 8.99 euros, against 7.99 euros.

The “Standard” formula for 2 screens becomes € 13.49 compared to € 11.99.

The “Premium” formula, with 4 screens simultaneously, increases by 2 euros to reach 17.99 €.

Solidarity fund extended but under conditions

Companies will now have to achieve at least 15% of their pre-crisis turnover to benefit from it, in order to avoid “windfall effects” and encourage companies to reopen.

The solidarity fund was extended until the end of September, before the switch to “tailor-made” aid based on fixed costs. 

Social security tax exemptions from which certain companies affected by the health crisis were benefiting have also been terminated.

Lower tobacco prices

Most cigarette brands lower their price by 10 cents, dropping to 9.90 euros per pack of 20 cigarettes.

For the Camels, it will be ten euros all round, a drop of 20 cents.

The 3919 is available 24/7

The helpline for women victims of violence, 3919, is now reachable 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the extended hours started in June also covering weekend nights.

Open at night, the anonymous and free service is now more accessible for women living in overseas territories, despite the time difference with the metropolis.


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