On August 30, when China’s first Mars exploration mission, "Zhu Rong", the rover on the surface of Mars for 100 days, the China National Space Administration and the People’s Bank of China held a gold and silver commemoration for the success of China’s first Mars exploration mission in Beijing. Coin issuance ceremony.

The commemorative coins issued this time are the legal tender of the People’s Republic of China and are issued by the People’s Bank of China. There are 3 coins in total, including 2 gold coins and 1 silver coin.

The commemorative coin uses a combination of realism and freehand brushwork, and adopts classic coinage techniques such as mirror surface, sandblasting, and multi-level sandblasting. The front patterns are all Chinese planetary exploration logos, and the country name and year number "2021" are published. The back patterns are respectively With the theme of the first Mars exploration mission "orbiting, landing, and patrolling", it also publishes "China's first Mars exploration mission success: Tianwen No. 1" and its denomination.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Xia Bin

Release time: 2021-08-30 18:02:37 【Editor: Li Jun】