Before the new semester, police cracked down on speed violations on the road at the site of the accident that killed and injured five children in Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture.

In June, police and the city changed the speed limit from 60 km to 30 km on the road near the site after a truck crashed into a line of elementary school students in Yachimata City and killed and injured five children. We have taken measures such as narrowing the width of the roadway by installing a hump and installing a "hump" that excites a part of the road.

However, after that, there were reports that some cars were running beyond the speed limit, and since elementary and junior high schools in the city will resume from September 1, police will crack down on speed violations on the roads at the scene. I made it.

A small, portable "portable Orbis" device was used to automatically photograph a speed-violating car, and police officers were checking the speed of the car.

Ryoma Ushioda, chief of the traffic section of the Sakura Police Station, said, "Many vulnerable people such as the elderly and children pass through this road. I want drivers to keep the speed limit and pay attention to prevent traffic accidents."