The shivering back of the neck, the hands sweaty with emotion, the pasty mouth… Have you missed the strong emotions that accompany each new season of

Love is in the meadow


Console yourself, the 16th and new season arrives this Monday evening with the first letter openings and meetings between farmers and their suitors.

But a doubt assails us.

What if the charm no longer worked?

Even if Karine Le Marchand affirms that she has "never experienced emotions like that" with this new season, after 15 years of living together, viewers are not likely to get bored?

When answering questions from the media, the host herself admits: "I don't really know what to say to you to introduce yourself this season ..."

20 Minutes

takes stock of the elements that could, again, revive the flame.

An explosive casting

Hervé, the Picard farmer "inexperienced in love" and who still lives with his parents, will he be able to overcome his shyness?

Vincent, the horse breeder and playboy, will he finally find true sincere love?

Franck, the distinguished sylviculturist, will he be able to attract a woman who resembles him to his Saintonge forests?

Each year, we say to ourselves that the new cast will never be able to replace in our hearts that of the previous year… and each time we get screwed.

“I don't forget anyone,” says Karine Le Marchand.

I have my favorites of course, I have affinities, like everyone else, but I don't want to say which ones so as not to hurt.

But what matters is that farmers are comfortable with the show, that everyone is happy with it, the participants of the show and the viewers.

We're doing a TV show with real people.


From what we have seen, the farmers of this season promise beautiful moments of emotion.

We don't know if they and they will find love, but we shouldn't be bored.

Punchlines and humor

Karine Le Marchand, who has heard others, says: “Frankly, we don't choose them for that but this year again, we have farmers who are throwing us brilliant punchlines! There is emotion, of course, but above all there is a lot of laughter and humor. Benevolence comes mainly through this, through self-mockery as well. »A self-mockery that the host does not hesitate to apply to herself. “I am frankly chambered, by the candidates but also by the production of the show in the comments! Before, everyone censored themselves a bit towards me, but the more they let go, the more they see that I like it and that it works. "

Little naughty example.

When a contender of Delphine tells her that she loves animals and has a cat, the lesbian arborist exclaims, with a burst of laughter: “Karine is going to do a bad job again.


Society has changed, so has the show

For several seasons,

L'Amour has been in the meadow

represents the agricultural world in its diversity. In particular with candidates who struggle, others more affluent, agricultural workers and owners, followers of organic and more traditional peasants ... This diversity of profiles allows the show to welcome Delphine, organic arborist looking for the woman of his life. “This year, we have the first lesbian farmer, enthuses Karine Le Marchand. We took a long time to get it, as we took a long time to have, last year, our first gay encounter. I've been telling the production for years that the show's society and audience are ready for this. I don't think there were any blockages on the merits, but we wanted to find the right people. We are protecting our farmers who come forward.If we do not feel them ready to face what awaits them, we prefer not to take them. Perhaps we wanted to protect homosexual candidates too much. What is certain is that Mathieu last year, and Delphine this year, are great people. And their stories are very beautiful! "

Suitors who also expose themselves

“In recent years, we have no longer any ill-intentioned suitors, says Karine Le Marchand.

They understood that we did not become a star by doing this show, nor that we made ourselves particularly popular by making fun of a farmer… Frankly, we remain vigilant when casting contenders but we have less less need to be.

On the contrary, this season's contenders have shown themselves to be open-hearted.

“I find that farmers and their suitors are more and more on an equal footing.


Hervé and Franck were thus reassured by the quality of listening of the teams of the show throughout the filming.

"I know the show very well and I never thought I would dare to participate in it," says Hervé.

What is incredible is that what we experience is very close to what we have already seen on the screen.

It's reassuring to think that others have been there before us.

And Karine knows how to find the words to accompany us because she has experience.

"Franck has a similar analysis:" This is what is very beautiful about this show.

We have the impression of having already seen everything so we feel comfortable there.

But as we get naked, it's very personal and always moving.



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