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Amancio Ortega

continues to be the great fortune of our country, one that amounts to figures that are difficult to assimilate: almost 70,000 million euros, according to the latest Forbes estimate.

And is that the blow that the pandemic has caused to our economy seems to have not taken its toll on the creator of


, which this year will receive about 1,300 million euros in dividends from



All despite the fact that in 2020 one hundred percent of the group's stores remained closed or restricted both their hours and their capacity, which caused a decrease in sales of 28%.

Even so,

Amancio Ortega

has managed to raise his assets by 40% and is, according to the Forbes list, the only fortune in the world.

An entire empire that goes beyond textiles and includes real estate businesses, cosmetics and even a commitment to

renewable energy


Its latest major project is Inditex Renovables, a company that, also based in


(A Coruña), will offer services related to the production and commercialization of thermal or electrical energy.

To begin with,

Amancio Ortega

already owns 5% of Red Eléctrica (REE), which is added to the 5% that it already owned, since December 2019, of Enagás.

But how do you go from dominating the fashion world to the energy sector, which is permanently in the spotlight this summer?

From Valladolid parents, the richest Spaniard, who turned 85 on March 28, was born in León during the Civil War, although a few months later his family moved to Tolosa, where they lived until they settled in



There, at the age of 14, he got his first job, in a shirt shop in

A Coruña.

Shortly after, he developed commercial work in the clothing company La Maja, where he met

Rosalía Mera

and where the business that has given him everything emerged:



With Rosalía Mera he had two daughters -


, the eldest and also one of the greatest fortunes in Spain, and


, married to Carlos Torretta, son of designer Roberto Torretta - and a son,


, affected by cerebral palsy.

The textile empire arose hand in hand between

Rosalía and Amancio,

who spent their nights sewing their first successful design: simple padded robes.

From there, and with the help of the family and the founder of the



, José Antonio Caramelo,

Goa Confecciones


, (acronyms that respond to the initials of his name,

Amancio Ortega Gaona,

read backwards), the germ of a new way of understanding fashion that has revolutionized the industry: Zara, the flagship of his fortune and all his heritage.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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