Sexism: Europe still has progress to make

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62,000 women say they have been victims of sexual violence in the past 12 months.

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By: Frédérique Lebel

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Violence against women and sexism will still be at the heart of the news for this new school year.


And it is again

Spain which is a pioneer in its legislation.

A country where three million women have filed complaints for violence.

This summer, the Council of Ministers approved a bill which will be debated in the autumn in parliament and which will set a milestone.

In the case of rape, the victim's silence or his lack of physical reaction does not mean his consent, according to the text.

The explanations

in Madrid


Diane Cambon

And on the international scene, a text refers to the fight against violence against women, it is

the Istanbul Convention


Signed by 34 Council of Europe countries in 2011, it sets out minimum standards for prevention, protection and prosecution.

But Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey has taken the unprecedented decision to leave this convention on July 1.

The repercussions will be inevitable.

In Istanbul

our correspondent chose to talk to us about an even more taboo subject. That of violence outside marriage, that which affects young girls and young women in flirtatious relationships. Victims still find it more difficult than others to be heard and to see their attackers punished. This is the case with one of them that

Anne Andlauer


 Ukraine, the

only country in Europe at war in the separatist Donbass region, celebrated the 30th anniversary of its independence on August 24. Military parades in front of the crowd gathered for the event. Soldiers, Veterans and Veterans. Women have entered the army with fanfare since the start of the conflict between Kiev and the Russian-backed separatists in the east of the country. They were only 1% at the start of the conflict, they now represent 25% of the workforce. But their presence does not mean the end of sexism. The fight is not over as

Stéphane Siohan

explains to us in Kiev

In France, sexism is still very present in the three largest French business schools.

And the reforms to try to fight against this



are only at their very beginning.

You can read it in

"La fabrique des élites derail"

by Iban Raïs, published by Robert Laffont


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