China Weather News Today (August 28), Beijing’s sky cloud cover will increase, with scattered showers; the highest temperature is around 28°C.

Tomorrow, Beijing will also see scattered rainfall and uneven distribution of rainfall, reminding citizens to pay attention to nowcasting in time.

  Yesterday, the weather in Beijing was fine, and the blue sky was online; the highest temperature was around 30℃, and the temperature was low in the morning and evening, and the coolness was prominent.

  It is expected that the amount of cloud in the sky in Beijing will increase today. According to the latest forecast issued by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 6 o'clock this morning, Beijing will be cloudy and overcast (with scattered showers) during the day. The north will turn south and the wind will be level 2 or 3, and the maximum temperature will be 28℃. ; It is cloudy at night, with winds of 1 and 2 from south to north, and the lowest temperature is 18℃.

Tomorrow, there will be showers or thunderstorms in Beijing, and the rainfall is unevenly distributed. Please pay attention to nowcasting and early warning information in time.

  The Meteorological Department reminded that during the weekends, Beijing has more scattered rainfall and uneven distribution in time and space. Citizens need to bring rain gear when traveling and pay attention to nowcasting; the risk of geological disasters in mountainous areas is higher, so avoid visiting high-risk areas.

In addition, pollen is gradually entering the peak period in summer and autumn, and sensitive people need to strengthen protection.