"Let nature be reborn from its ashes on the Plaine des Maures", called the Coastal Conservatory on Friday, in a press release, after the fire which burned 7,100 hectares of forest in the Var as well as animals, including the emblematic Hermann's tortoise.

Thanking the many wishes that have been expressed to help restore the Plaine des Maures National Reserve, of which "70% of the surface was impacted" by the fire which broke out on August 16 in the hinterland of Saint-Tropez, the Conservatory nevertheless warns against false good ideas, in a press release co-signed with the National Biodiversity Office, the Station for the observation and protection of turtles and their environments (Soptom) and the Conservatory of natural spaces.

Turtles "are adapted to live in such conditions"

During the week following the fire, the mortality of Hermann's tortoises, the last terrestrial species in Europe, was “around 40 to 45%”, against 90-95% on the burnt capes of Saint-Tropez. in 2017, explains the manager of the Reserve, taking stock of the rescue operations carried out immediately after the fire.

"The populations should therefore regenerate over time and especially by carefully respecting certain rules", underlines the conservatory.

“It is essential not to move or remove Hermann's turtles because their metabolism allows them to live for weeks without eating or eating.

They have been adapted to live in such conditions for millions of years, ”the statement insisted.

"It is also very important not to release turtles held in captivity into the natural environment", in particular because of "contagious diseases" favored by captivity.

Ditto for systematic brush clearing

"Let nature be reborn from its ashes ... Even if it is necessary to help it a little", plead the four signatories, responding in passing to those who would accuse the Plaine des Maures of not having been cleared: if "the clearing obligations are essential (…) and are incumbent on private owners of built property ”, they are used to“ protect buildings and not the forest ”, they insist.

“A forest remains above all a natural space.

A forest on which systematic brush clearing is practiced would no longer be a forest, thus losing all of its ecological functions ”, they defend themselves.

The biggest fire in France this year, the fire that was declared extinguished on Thursday claimed the lives of two people and resulted in the evacuation of around 10,000 people in the hinterland of Saint-Tropez.

Several Mediterranean countries were hit this summer by serious fires, from Israel to Morocco, via Greece and Algeria.


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