(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) The latest positive case in Yangzhou has been negative for 10 nucleic acid tests

  China News Service, Yangzhou, August 26 (Reporter Cui Jiaming and Shen Ran) On the 26th, at the 28th Yangzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference, Yin Chenglei, deputy director of the Yangzhou Municipal Health Commission, notified the city of the latest positive case related Condition.

It is reported that the person has undergone 10 nucleic acid tests, and the results are all negative. The result was finally positive after a review by the disease control department on the morning of the 26th. The flow adjustment work related to the person is still in progress. All centralized isolation.

  According to Yin Chenglei’s report, on August 25, Yangzhou City carried out nucleic acid testing in some areas, sampling and testing a total of 563,000 people. As of 24:00 on the 25th, one case of nucleic acid test results was found to be abnormal. It was a resident of the closed and controlled community. On the 26th In the morning, the result of the review by the Yangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention was positive.

At present, the positive person has been transferred to the Third People's Hospital of Yangzhou City and is being diagnosed.

After the discovery of abnormal nucleic acid test results, measures such as epidemiological investigation, investigation and tracking of relevant personnel, sampling and testing, isolation control, and terminal disinfection of relevant places have also been fully implemented.

  It is worth noting that the positive person participated in 10 nucleic acid tests on August 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 22. The results were all Negative, the current work related to this person is still in progress.

  In order to control the risk of virus transmission, Yangzhou City has taken the positive person’s co-residents, the 25-day nucleic acid screening mixed inspection personnel, the front and rear personnel, the 22nd nucleic acid screening mixed inspection personnel and the same residential unit as a total of 72 people. Close contact, 79 other people in the same building are managed as the second close contact. As of 14:00 on August 26, all centralized isolation measures have been implemented, and the first nucleic acid test results are negative; at the same time, the objects and environment of the relevant places of the positive people Sampling, a total of 93 samples have been collected and are being tested.

  Yin Chenglei said that Yangzhou City will conduct nucleic acid testing at 60 residential communities in all areas of Baoying County; all areas of Jiangdu District; Hanjiang District, Guangling District, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shugang-Slender West Lake Scenic Area and other regions.

At the same time, according to the epidemic situation, the control measures of some towns in the main urban area were adjusted, mainly involving Yangmiao Town in Hanjiang District, Bali Town in Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Shiqiao Town in Economic and Technological Development Zone.

  According to the latest information reported by the Yangzhou Municipal Health Commission on the 26th, between 0-24 o'clock on August 25, 2021, there were no new confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia in the city. So far, a total of 569 confirmed local cases have been reported. On the 26th, a total of 36 confirmed patients reached the discharge standard and were transferred to designated hospitals for rehabilitation, and a total of 238 cases were discharged. Currently, there are 16 medium-risk areas in Yangzhou. (over)