Raven van Dorst will present the new

Farm of Dorst

program for NPO 3 from 8 September


In the television program, celebrities help Van Dorst with the long-cherished dream of the presenter: self-sufficient farming.

Presenters Eva Jinek, Martien Meiland, Maarten van Rossem and Emma Wortelboer, rapper Ronnie Flex, singer Frans Bauer, writer Marieke Lucas Rijneveld and politician Caroline van der Plas help Van Dorst with, among other things, refurbishing a farm, growing fruit and vegetables. and the care of animals.

"I will be curious as to which of my guests has enough pepper in their ass to actually build something on the farm with me," says Van Dorst.

"No Gooi mattress here, but seed and shit. Bring it on!"

Farm van Dorst

can be seen weekly on NPO3 from Wednesday 8 September at 8.25 pm.

In the first episode, presenter Martien Meiland and politician Caroline van der Plas are guests.