“Probably, the most inclement day will be today, now the sky is already covered with clouds, a front, not expressed in temperature, but only in cloudiness, is approaching us.

We expect that about 3 mm of precipitation will fall today.

That is, the weather will be quite warm: air temperature - +20 ... + 22 ° С, east wind.

The beginning of the night will still be with a little rain, but the night will be much warmer than it was before.

In Moscow - +13 ... + 15 ° С, in the region - up to +12 ° С.

Tomorrow the weather is cloudy with clearings and no precipitation - + 22 ... + 24 ° С, ”Pozdnyakova said.

She also noted that the last four days of August, the weather will be "very comfortable, no precipitation throughout the day."

“The nights will be pretty warm.

Daytime temperature on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Moscow is +24 ... + 25 ° С, on Sunday, maybe even higher.

And up to + 27 ° C, the temperature can rise on August 30.

The last day of the month will also be quite warm with an air temperature in the city of about +25 ° C, ”the forecaster explained.

According to her, on the eve of September 1, the nature of the weather will change towards increased cloudiness and a slight decrease in temperature.

“It is not excluded that on the night of September 1 there will be a small intermittent rain.

Most likely, there will be no precipitation in the morning hours, but the air temperature during the day will no longer be so high, somewhere around + 20 ° C, which is also good for the beginning of September, ”the expert concluded.

Earlier it was reported that on Thursday, August 26, Moscow is expected to reach +21 ° С.