China News Service, Macau, August 25th, title: Macau tourism industry: "Recover lost business"

  China News Agency reporter Long Tuyou

  "My baby's milk powder is almost finished, I have to come to Macau to buy it." After returning to Macau after a lapse of half a year, Ms. Li from Guangzhou got in the "taxi" and went straight to the council booth to buy milk powder. .

  "Since the outbreaks in the Mainland and Macau repeated, I have never dared to come to Macau, and my baby is almost out of food." Ms. Li, who came to Macau for the first time this year, said that today, I will "buy enough for one time" and give the baby first. Purchase milk powder, and then go to "sweep the street" to buy some jewelry and imported cosmetics.

  In view of the stable epidemic situation, the Macau Novel Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center announced on August 23 that starting from 0:00 on August 25, people entering and exiting through the Guangdong-Macao port will be required to hold a certificate of a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours instead. Hold the negative result of nucleic acid test within 7 days.

  At about 8 o'clock in the morning, during the peak period of entry and exit, a reporter from China News Service saw at the Macao customs gate that although the flow of people through the customs was endless, it was in order.

  On the other hand, the electronic screen of the Tourist Information Counter of the Macau Government Tourist Office set up at the customs gate is broadcasting tourism promotion information and epidemic prevention reminders in a cyclical manner. Staff members are also distributing Macau's “exquisite tour” brochures to tourists.

  The staff of the Tourism Administration told reporters that on the day when the Guangdong-Macao customs clearance and anti-epidemic measures were relaxed, the Tourism Administration used TV programs, WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu and Douyin to promote Macau as a safe and easy-to-go city. The introduction of hotel housing and air ticket coupons and other measures, hoping to attract more tourists to Macau.

  The new customs clearance policy for Guangdong and Macao has given a boost to the recovery of Macau's tourism industry.

The President of the Macau Tourism Industry Council, Hu Jingguang, said that on the whole, the relaxation of the validity period of entry and exit nucleic acid tests in Guangdong and Macau is definitely good news for the tourism industry, but because mainland China stipulates that students cannot leave their place of residence 14 days before the start of school, visitors in August The volume will not increase significantly.

He predicts that if the epidemic is stable, the average daily visitor volume to Australia during the "Eleventh Golden Week" will be restored to more than 30,000.

  Regarding the “Food, Accommodation and Tourism for Australians” program launched by the Tourism Bureau to support the recovery of the industry, Hu Jingguang expects to start a full recovery in early September, but hopes that the lack of inbound tourists will not lead to the need to extend the time for “Food, Accommodation and Tourism for Australians”.

He said with a smile: "If you need to fight for an extension, it reflects that the tourism industry has not yet recovered. Of course the industry does not want it to happen."

  The owner of a souvenir shop on Guan Ye Street in Taipa, Macau, said that due to the repeated epidemics in the Mainland and Macau this year, the overall business volume has severely declined, and now it is mainly relying on the expansion of online business to make a living.

"Now that the new customs clearance policy for Guangdong and Macao is introduced, the recovery of Macau's tourism industry is just around the corner. I have a sufficient supply of high-quality goods to find the lost business."

  The person in charge of a restaurant in the St. Paul's district said that it is expected that the number of tourists during the "Eleventh Golden Week" will increase significantly and business is expected to return to normal.

He hopes that the government can once again introduce consumption coupons for tourists to attract more tourists to Macau.

  Mr. Zhong from Fujian is working in Macau, which coincides with the relaxation of customs clearance and epidemic prevention measures in Guangdong and Macau. He said that he has a rare opportunity and will stay in Macau for a few more days.

He believes that Macao's epidemic prevention policy is rigorous and effective, and he has confidence in the safety of the Macao community.